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Spiderman In The Ring

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And here we have a few pictures from the Dan Deacon show last night at the Urban Lounge. It was unconventional as far as rock shows go. We've seen it before, this new hybrid of crafter-hipster-musician-DJ-MC. Deacon sounds like a child prodigy resulting from a threesome between Leslie Hall, Animal Collective and LCD Soundsystem all fists and elbows ...coming at'cha like a whirling dervish. It was kick ash once things got going too. His little table of electronic doo-dads was set up on the dance floor rather than the stage, resulting in some intense crowd participation. And, most of us were fairly certain he was playing live over back-up tracks streaming from an iPod shuffle attached to a banana.

His album 'Spiderman Of The Rings' is out now on Carpark Records. Check the myspace to catch the drift.