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Enjoy More Dining Diversity

Salt Lake City, Food & DrinkJesse Walker1 Comment

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Yesterday I found myself at the kick-off event for the Slamdance equivalent of Dine-o-Round at my neighborhood tapas joint Meditrina called DINING DIVERSITY. Unbeknownst to me was that many fine restaurants are excluded from participating in Dine-o-round because they aren't right in the downtown business district. To answer the call they have banded together as Salt Lake City's fresh, local and independent restaurants to offer special menu options for $20 or $30 on FRIDAY MAY 7 THRU FRIDAY MAY 23, 2010.

Some of the participants include: Cannella's, Citrus Grill, Fresco, Frida Bistro, Log Haven, Meditrina, Moxi, Pago, Sages, Sego Lily, Tiburon, Trio, Vertical Diner, The Wild Grape & Yamasaki Restaurant.

There's more info at