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All Your Plastic Dreams Are Come True

Music, Events, MixesJesse Walker2 Comments

Here it is friends, the live recording from NiteLite "Plastic Dreams" - in two parts! This night was really something special thanks to Alastair, the W. Lounge and the wonderful people who showed up to party like it was 2094. Alastair took it from minimal techno to electro and house without missing a beat while I kept it pretty deep, eventually moving through some techno barn burners as the night shifted and escalated. With our dearly departed friend weighing on our hearts and minds I was in a dark, pensive mood here... In a way, playing to satisfy my own emotional needs first and to also honor my memories of him. This is dedicated you Bam (last 4 songs espeically). Take this journey again with the volume turned up and the lights down low...