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Utah Arts Festival 2010

Art, Music, Salt Lake CityJesse Walker2 Comments




The 2010 Utah Arts Festival was ending yesterday so I biked over after the pool for a few hours of meandering. This year seemed kind of tame compared to other years for some reason, I'm not sure what it was. Everything just seemed a bit subdued and orderly. Not that that's bad. It was kind of nice actually. Above are some random pix... A lovely portrait of Jacob from Twilight, some fairly interesting 'leaf' art and a shot of space-funk band RonKat Freekbass. Love his mohawk. Also a little video of local electro producers 'Muscle Hawk'. Despite having a Spinal Tap escapee for a drummer, MH's carefree and youthful energy attracted quite a large crowd and had most of us jumping to a chorus of acid washed frenchy fried synth rawk. It's great to see this kind of local creativity on display in Utah.