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Salt Lake, The Next Generation

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It's time to leave our homes and venture out into the city damnit. Let's get jazzed about this Friday's Spring Gallery Stroll. There's a bunch of great shows happening but in particular this one by Mexico based artist Charles Fresquez comprised of luminescent 'acrylic parallelograms' seems like a fine place to start. It's at the new House Gallery which used to be our ancient and beloved Lorenzo's knife sharpening shop. House is adjacent to the also new-ish Blonde Grizzly which has a 'no rules' group show going down. Get 'em!

From the House Gallery blog:

House Gallery is pleased to present Studies for the Next Generation, an exhibition of new work by New Mexico-based artist Charles Fresquez. In his low-key, clear-headed abstractions, Fresquez marries simple designs, some of which recall the zig-zagged geometry of Zapotec weaving, with a minimal luminosity that riffs on the West Coast’s Light and Space enterprise. As a result, his cast acrylic surfaces have both an earthiness and a calculated luminosity. Studies for the Next Generation opens on March 1 and continues through March 26, 2011. The artist’s reception, which will coincide with Salt Lake City’s Gallery Stroll, runs from 6-9 PM on March 18, 2011.

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