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Katharsis, a rebirth for Mark Seely

Art, Salt Lake CityJesse WalkerComment

Please support our friend Mark Seely's gallery show Katharsis coming up at Ulysses on Sunday July 17th.


"Art is my therapy. Art has always been, since I can remember, a form of self-expression, an outlet, a means to strategically vomit my inner turmoil onto a surface that works brilliantly with your new living room color scheme. Only recently have I painted from a place of happiness, inspiration, or excitement. Previously, my passion was derived from despair, from resentment. Regurgitated disgust. I have since found my muse. October 19th 2010 changed my perspective artistically forever. This series represents that to me. A rebirth of sorts, a cleansing of deep-rooted hatred. This is my necessity, and in turn gift to those who can perhaps see a little more, a little further, and hopefully a little clearer through the controlled chaos that is my mind via brushstroke." –
Hale Mark Seely

Sunday, July 17
6:00pm - 8:00 pm
629 South State St
Above Sparks Entrance On North Side
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 953-0954