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All The Pretty Lights

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LED By LITE is a 48 LED Turn Indicator Lighting System that transforms your bike into an unmissable light show. The system boasts the most brilliant and greatest quantity of LEDs for a bicycle (from 24 up to 48) with technology that includes modulation modes and wireless turn indicators. Innovations that improve the safety of a cyclist by helping them to see and be seen.

48 High Intensity LEDs provide the most radiant 360 degrees of visibility. The LEDs are encased in flexible straps, making them waterproofand durable. A video on their web site actually shows the straps being dipped into a fishtank and a car driving over them can be seen at

Another innovative aspect is the LBL Dashboard which converts an LBL Lite System into directional turn indicators. A wireless controller, mounted on the handle bars helps increase cycling safety by illuminating turning intentions and making them a more relevant vehicle on the road.

The system is powered by an LBL Black Box, a 12 Volt rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack that boasts run times with48 LEDs in modulation mode for up to 8 hours.