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Lunch and Longing at Lamb's

Salt Lake City, Food & DrinkJesse WalkerComment




Just stepped into the time warp that is Lamb's Grill for lunch. It's been a long while but someone told me that they have a new chef and owner which is great! The place feels like it got a good spit shine and a new coat of paint but the old charm remains (93 yrs old to be exact).

But I can't help thinking that Lamb's could easily widen it's demographic and still remain true to it's faithful by amplifying it's historic charm with a few more tweaks. Perhaps they are already on the way but let's say my lunchtime daydream were to come true? The threadbare carpet would be replaced by cleaner, statelier hardwood, the room and bar would have a few more punches of color in the way of murals, permanent artwork or historic artifacts. With such a grand lunch counter, it is a shame that those beautiful glass cabinets are empty and dark. They could be filled with interesting memorabilia and lit from within, warm amber or red. Also the original fluorescent fixtures on the columns are fantastic, but I would find a bulb that isn't so blue/green or take five minutes to wrap them in a warm stage gel. A simple fix that keeps fluorescents from ruining your food, or the mood.

I don't mean to sound so critical, I've always loved Lamb's. Just wish I wanted to go there for any other reason than to meet up with visiting family members or the chamber of commerce. Don't you think Lamb's could rival any charming diner in other cities if they had a smattering of classic cocktails on the menu and a little more interactive fun with it's history? Think of what Martine did with our only remaining brownstone on 100 South, just a more stripped down. This could be another great destination for Main Street, balancing the old against the new with shiny City Creek kicking up dust a few blocks away. But hey, it's hard to argue against a century of skating on your reputation.