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NOW ID's 'The Wedding' Voted Best Choreography by Charlotte Boy-Christensen, City Weekly Artys

Art, Salt Lake City, Theatre & DanceJesse WalkerComment

Congratulations to our team at NOW and the fearless Charlotte and Nathan! From the CityWeekly 2013 Artys:

Best Choreography

Charlotte Boye-Christensen, The Wedding [NOW ID]

Charlotte Boye-Christensen’s newest artistic adventure, NOW ID—an internationally culled, interdisciplinary dance company created with her husband, architect Nathan Webster—began with “an exploration of the most public of private rituals.” The Wedding was staged in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple, which saw a perfect marriage of Boye-Christensen’s choreography—a combination of emotive duets and solos—and Webster’s love of unique spaces. As far as the movement vocabulary goes, it’s Boye-Christensen’s keen ability to juxtapose sharp angularity with softer, more fluid gestures that imbued The Wedding with both its power and vulnerability.