Jetset Discotheque from the year 2000

The master of my first 'serious' mix CD, "Jetset Discotheque" from circa Y2K recently surfaced in a box of audio relics where it had been hiding for years. Despite the perfectionism that every DJ struggles with, I was really proud of this mix when I put it out. I even enlisted my friend Ryan Raddon (on his way to breaking out as KASKADE) to master it at his home studio during his time here in Salt Lake City. Hearing it now, "Jetset" was a blueprint for how I've been DJing ever since. Deep intros, soulful garage vocals, funky underground dubs, disco influences, acid traxx and warehouse anthems... all fill my DJ sets still today.

This disc was missing for so long that it became the touchstone inspiration for my revival 'Jetset' tour a few years ago. I had assumed it was lost forever. So, I'm excited to finally be able to archive and share this time capsule from one of the happiest times ...and places... in my life. So much appreciation for the people who were there, and have continued to support my dream through the years.

1. ‎Critical Point Feat. Vikter Duplaix, "Messages" (Mess-Apella) [MAW Records]
2. Next Evidence "Sands of Time" [Versatile]
3. Julius Papp Feat. Roger Glenn ‎"Imaginary Voyage" (Jay-J's Bumpin Dub) [Paper Recordings]
4. Ministers De-La-Funk "Believe" (Spen & Karizma Main Mix) [Defected]
5. Craig Smith "Da Groove" (The Soul Renegades After Dark Mix) [In Demand]
6. Paul Jays "Highly Superstitious" (Dino & Terry Remix 2) [Kaos]
7. Fritz Valley Project "From Year To Love" (Version One) [Transfusion]
8. DJD Pres. The Hydraulic Dogs "Shake It For Me" [Defender]
9. Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty "Chocolate Sensation" [FFRR]
10. Bob Sinclar "I Feel For You" (Original + Beatappella Mixx) [Yellow]
11.Frankie O Feat. Bobby Hardy ‎"20000 Leagues" [White]
12. Da Cuban Heelz "Keep It Steady" (Miguel Migs Transporters Mix) [Defender]
13. Blue Six "Music And Wine" (Th'Attaboy Vocal) [Naked Music]
14. Jask "Freedom" [i Records]
15. Fire Island "There But For The Grace Of God" (Joey Negro Mix) [Junior London]

Bangin' the Box at Burt's

Even the pissing wet sky couldn't stop the good people of Salt Lake from enjoying another SLC Funk night at the Freeky Tiki Lounge last Saturday. Many, many thanks to all of you for daring to come out to this insanely fun little party we've created together. I've uploaded my (imperfect at best) live mix for headphone dance parties worldwide. Markus V. and I had a great time playing for you. It's these small room parties that I personally live for. I hope you can hear it in the music. —XO/JW


Having no musical boundaries gives CHASEONE2 all the freedom in the world.

1. “Hold Me” Beerlover
2. “Hold it now, Hit it (Acapella)” The Beastie Boys
3. “ILYAF” Anna Of The North
4. “Only Years” Edwick John
5. “On My Mind (Acapella)” Soul IV Real
6. “Funbox Party” Copycat
7. “Can't There Be Love (Pilooski Remix)” Dee Edwards
8. “Gangsta (Cut Chemist Remix)” Tune-Yards
9. “Buggin’ (Pickster’s Trick Rubin Remix)” Justin Martin
10. “MTI (TWRK Remix)” Koreless
11. “Estrelar” Marcos Valle
12. “Laid In Full (Rakim Suite) (Qdup & Sons of Satin Re-Twerk)” Eric B & Rakim
13. “Noir” S Strong & Boogie Belgique
14. “Rich Kind Of Poverty (TREW Edit)” Sam &
15. “Soul Clap (Altered Tapes Rework)” Showbiz & AG
16. “People Everyday (Altered Tapes Rework) Arrested Development
17. “Love & Happy” Copycat
18. “The Mother We Share (Moonboots Remix)” Chvrches
19. “Burn (Leo Kalyan Remix)” Ellie Goulding
20. “Groovin’ (Nobley Nobe Edit)” The Young Rascals
21. “My Lady/The Crusaders” Daigo
22. “Raise It Up (Doc Adam Remix)” Slum Village
23. “The Rain” Oran ‘Juice’ Jones
24. “Stoop Rap (Doc Adam & Nick Bike Break)” Double Trouble
25. “Today (Bladerunners Edit)” Tom Scott & The California Dreamers
26. “ Enjoy The Ride” The Social Lovers

Where are you from, have you always lived in Utah?
I was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, then moved to Sacramento, California, then moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I moved to Salt Lake in 2000 and have moved around a bit (New York, California, New Zealand), but I always find my way back to Utah.

How and when did you become interested in music, was there a specific event or time in your life that made you want to start DJing?
I think my Dad had a lot to do with that. He introduced me to jazz and soul music at an early age. He had a killer 8-track collection we would always listen to in the car. So when I was 16 I basically stole his entire record collection and that's when I started buying records also. My friend had just bought turntables and a mixer so that's what we did everyday. When I was 17 I had finally saved up enough money to buy my own turntables and mixer, and a few months after that I bought my first sampler, an Akai S-20. Around this time is when I was introduced to Z-Trip and Radar, Pickster, Tricky-T, Dj Entrification, and Dj Element( who was a fellow high school classmate). I always loved hip hop, but I was mainly fascinated  on what was going on behind the scenes, the producer, the dj, the records they were sampling to make these songs.

Which bands or artists inspired you when you were younger?
Stevie Wonder, War, Dj Shadow, Cut Chemist, Mark Farina, Jurassic 5, Freestyle Fellowship, Fugazi, KRS One, Richard "Groove" Holmes, The Beastie Boys, Dj Premier, Z-Trip are a few that come to mind.

How did you come up with your DJ name?
This is kind of a funny story actually. So in the early-mid 2000's there were two local deejays going under the name Chaseone, myself and Chase Jensen, aka Street Jesus. It started to get confusing on flyers and the weekly newspapers after a while so I just added a 2 to my name and shortly after Chase Jensen became Street Jesus. Haha.

What do you like (or don’t like) about living in Salt Lake?
There's only one thing I don't like about Salt Lake and that's our terrible air quality in the winter months. I love the people here, the small, but incredibly talented groups of artists and musicians. Salt Lake is a true gem. It often gets overlooked by people, but for the ones that know, it's one of the best kept secrets of the west.

How would you describe the scene to an outsider?
A tight-knitted group of incredibly talented individuals, artists, bands, musicians who all pretty much know each other.

What equipment do you use for DJing (or producing) including for this mix?
For deejaying I normally play off of two Technics 1200's MKII's or two Numark TTX's, a Pioneer DJM-400 or a Rane TTM 54. For producing I've had my share of machines over the years including an Akai S-20 sampler, an Ensoniq ASR-X Pro, an MPC 1000, an MPC 500, but as of lately I enjoy using the Roland SP-404 sampler. I really enjoy analog machines if you couldn't tell. For this mix I used two Numark TTX turntables, a Pioneer DJM-400 mixer, Serato Scratchlive program, a Tascam DP-02 digital 8-track recorder.

What goals do you have for yourself when it comes to music and in life?
I have one basic motive in life and music and that is the tendency to self-actualize, to fulfill one's potential and achieve the highest level of "human-beingness" I can. Basically, I try to put my best food forward in everything I do in life.

What kinds of activities do you like to do when you’re not playing out?
I enjoy record shopping, skateboarding, reading, homework,painting, watching James Bond movies.

How would you describe your style of selecting and mixing?
I tend to be all over the place at times. I honestly have a hard time staying within the lines or genres. To me deejaying has no lines or boundaries, that's the reason I love it so much you know, you can just take it anywhere you want. I tend to play a lot of loops in my mixes also. That's where the production aspect comes into my mixing.

What is a favorite gig (or two) you've played during your DJ career?
I always have a blast playing in Phoenix with Dj Entrification, But honestly, anytime I get to play alongside my friends Godina, Sneeky Long, Finale, Flare, Matty, and you of course, will always be my favorite.

Anything else you want to share about the mix you made for NCM?
I pieced the songs together in a Psychology class last Thursday afternoon and when I got home I setup and hit record. This is a live one-take mix recorded at my house in the Avenues. It has a little bit of everything on it. After listening to it I realized it has a good spring time vibe to it. Hope you enjoy it.

We're Up All Night To Get Funky

Main FUNK of my set from last night's SLC FUNK par-taaay. And yes, it was really, really fun. Thanks to the good people who brought the love with dancing shoes ready to burn rubber and experience the weird. Thanks also goes to Markus V. for opening the night in fine style and the all the gang running the joint (until they level the building sometime this year). Let's do it again...?

Control Room Video/Audio

▶ NCM Guest Mix 001: Markus V.

Markus Verhaaren is one of my Audioflo alumni going way back to our downtempo nights at W. Lounge here in SLC. He's a quiet, talented fellow who's been taking his DJ career to new heights since we connected last. After 9 years in Arizona and fresh from his weekly residencies at "AZ88" in Scottsdale and "Hanny's" in downtown Phoenix, Markus is back in Utah and full of soulful energy.

That's why I asked Markus to recreate the incredibly 'funky' opening set he played for the Nightmares on Wax show last month at Urban Lounge. He obliged, and here we have our first NCM "Guest Mix Exclusive"  from Markus V. 

Exclusive Supersonic DJ Set for Soundcloud Followers

Exclusive access to my recent DJ set at SUPERSONIC SUPPERCLUB can be yours if you're following me on Soundcloud. What? Don't have an account? It's free, silly! So get one and hit me up at: Soundcloud.com/jessewalker (p.s. you won't see the audio file until you follow and I add you) Then, enjoy the deep n' sunny underground sound of Salt Lake City, ...very loudly I hope.

*No computers were harmed in the making of this recording.


1. I Found You / Daniel Kyo, 2. Prostokaty (Feat. Catz 'n Dogz) / Slg, 3. All About The 90s / Gilbert Le Funk, 4. Can't Keep Rhythm from a Dancer (Miguel Migs Deep Dub) / Tortured Soul, 5. Heat Division (Tim Goldsworthy Remix Instrumental) / Dauwd, 6. Players Theme / Rick Wade, 7. Spring Jamz (Jonene's Sxsw Hot Mess of Disco Gloriousness) / J. Lettow, 8. I Wanna Know (Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix) / David Glass, 9. Crystalised (Director's Cut Signature Mix) / Art Department pres. Martina Topley Bird, Mark Lanegan and Warpaint, 10. Orlando (Ooft! Dub) / CKSNL, 11. Trust (Motor City Drum Ensemble Deep Mix) / Romanthony, 12. From The Inside (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) / Chasing Kurt, 13. Don't Rain On My Parade / HearThuG, 14. Get On Up, Get On Down (Joey Negro Revibe) / Roy Ayers, 15. Groovejet (Re-Issue) / Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Marc Fisher, 16. Hallelujah (Robosonic Remix) / Kerri Chandler, 17. Candle Coast / Crackazat, 18. It's Not Enough feat. Janai / Dusky, Janai, 19. Moondancer / Denney, 20. F FOR U (Roy Davis Jr. Remix - EXCLUSIVE) / Disclosure, 21. 4000 Miles feat. DMS12 & Damon C Scott / Oscar G, 22. Back to My Roots (Original Bootleg Mix ) / Gianni Bini, 23. Always (Reagan Grey Remix) / Hackman, 24. Ministry of Love (Kevin Mckay 90s Edit) / Romanthony, 25. 'Lover Lover Lover' (Mickey Edit) / Leonard Cohen

Source: https://soundcloud.com/jessewalker/

The Jesse Walker Experience

I'm proud to release a new mix I'm calling The Jesse Walker Experience (cheeky title) recorded at last week's Stir-Friday. This was the cherry on top of a grand birthday week and an extraordinary night on the music front. Everything just came together the way I wanted it to with my luminaries on the dancefloor in agreement. The tequila may have helped.

*Thanks to the unbelievably cool Flash n' Flare for letting me be his guest. It's always a pleasure to play with him and for my friends at Zest Kitchen & Bar.


1. Walking In The Rain / Frontera
2. Can't Wait / Claude VonStroke
3. Feel Inside / Electricano
4. How Did We (Jovonn's Deeper Deep Mix') / G.Logan
5. Worked It (6th Borough Project Remix) / Tazz
6. Towards The Seer (Andre Lodemann Remix) / Jimpster
7. Someone To Love / Adam Port
8. Elouisa (Late Nite Tuff Guy’s Just Wanna Dance Dub) / The Swiss
9. Friends Of Disco / Neighbour
10. Sensuela / Technasia
11. Song of Life (Betoko Mix) / Leftfield
12. Here's To You Mr. Robinson / The Groovers
13. Set Me Free (Seb's Dub Edit) / Seb Skalski
14. So Crazy / Husky
15. Wandering (Phonique Remix) / Frankey
16. Strandbar (Disko Version) / Todd Terje
17. I Am Somebody / Technasia
18. The Witch (The Access Remix) / Sourya, Dombrance, The Access
19. Night Air (Franky Rizardo Mash-Edit) / Jamie Woon
20. Everybody Wants Something Feat. Alex Mills (Joey Negro Strip Mix) / Joey Negro, Akabu, Alex Mills
21. Lovery (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Beats) / Kiko Navarro, Tuccillo, Amor
22. Otro Dia / Gregor Salto, KiT (Kuenta i Tambu)
23. Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys Dub) / Ananda Project


Download / Stream Live at Stir-Friday 4/19/13

Thank you to everyone who came to dance and also celebrate my 15th Anniversary with Mark this past Friday. Quite a momentous occasion (search hashtag #mj15) and a truly fantastic night on the dance floor at Zest. Thanks to the immensley talented Flash & Flare at Stir-Friday for hosting me and the crew! This is dedicated to all the amazing people who've been part of our journey over the years.

Live @ Luna

Hey thanks for coming out to support Luna at Zest last night everyone! You know I appreciate your being there on the tail end of a long holiday week. Many thanks to Shaoma for opening the party and to our dancers most of all. You are the best! A recording of my mix is at Soundcloud.

Beyond The Red Door

Beyond-the-red-doorWhat a great time I had revisiting and playing at the Red Door this past Saturday. The 10th Anniversary celebration was a big hit and weather could not have been more cooperative - a good thing with me being on the patio.

Figured I would post the full night of music up here for anyone that might care for it. If you were to drink a bottle and a half of delicious French wine and play this mix... you could possibly recreate the environment.

My thanks to Louise, John, Chet and the whole damn crew at Red Door for bringing me back and being so fun to get to know over the years. (Also to Lilly and Hidenorio for flying in!). Salt Lake wouldn't be the same without you.

> Download "Beyond the Red Door"  (256kbps/433MB)<

Jesse Walker 'Live' at W. Lounge "Last Dance"

A recording from the board at W. Lounge, 'Last Dance' party on 8/11/12 
More about the event and my relationship with this club: 


1. Music (DJ Dino Mix) by Leela James 
2. Spend My Life With You by Reelsoul 
3. Dance Clap by Miguel Migs 
4. Come Together by Andy Ward & Random Soul 
5. Want You To Know by Sonny Fodera 
6. RIlls by Love Loop 
7. Come Over To My Place feat. Davina (Joshua Mix) by Roots + Wings 
8. Pick Me Up by Wattie Green 
9. Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden's Remix) by Tori Amos 
10. Mia by Dog Days 
11. Bring U Up (Deetron Edit) by Romanthony 
12. Let's Go To New York Instead (Brennan Green Version) by Reade Truth 
13. Mir a nero by Michel Cleis vs. Forever (Swingapella) by Key To Life 
14. What Are You Afraid Of (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Disco Phobia Mix) by Ziggy Funk feat. Taliwa 
15. Shooting Star (Toomy's Drivin' Disco) by Bottin & Rodion 
16. Tight (Etienne De Crecy Mix) by Zombie Nation 
17. Cookie Dust by Roman Fluegel 
18. Jesus (DJ Dino Mix) by DJ Dino 
19. I Speak Jive (John Tejada Mix) by Joseph Williams 
20. Summer Haze (Ibiza Vocal Mix) by Grant Nalder 
21. Thank You (Soulmagic Remix) by Asle 
22. Psychoticbump (Andreas Saag Deep Mix) by Danny Howells 
23. La Spirale (J's Loveboat Mix) by Phreek Plus 
24. Love Hunter by Idjut Boys 
25. Everywhere (Psychemagik Edit) by Fleetwood Mac 
26. Harvest For The World by The Isley Brothers

Feel free to contact me or post comments if you enjoy the mix. I love to hear your feedback. This was a great night, playing all kinds of house music I love for the people I love. Thank you to Mama Beatz and Josh Max for tearing it up as well that night and to the W. Lounge for being the one true place for good music in SLC for 10 years!!! - Jesse