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Dual Opening Reception at UMOCA - Friday June 27, 7-9pm

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"God Complex" Christopher Kelly

"God Complex" Christopher Kelly

Dual show opening at UMOCA that looks interesting towards the end of June.


FRI, JUN 27 | 7 - 9 PM
Join us for a celebration to commence UMOCA's two newest exhibitions. Bring your friends and experience today's art and mingle with the artists. Refreshments and a cash bar will be available. 

Bikuben, (Danish for "the hive") was inspired by the research for this exhibition. Between 1876 and 1935, Bikuben was a newspaper published in Utah for the Danish immigrants as a way to foster cultural connectivity and a sense of community. For this exhibition, the word bikuben is reimagined as a way to examine how the symbolism of a beehive is interwoven with concepts of industry, heritage, and utopia. 
Artist Q&A  JUN 27 | 6 PM 
On the 27th, come early for a Q&A with renowned Danish contemporary artist Mie Olise hosted by UMOCA's Curator, Rebecca Maksym. Olise's installation piece Shipsearching (2011) is featured above.  

Christopher Kelly: GOD COMPLEX 
Christopher Kelly's GOD COMPLEX references science fiction to expand on the universal human desire to develop and control an alternative place. A genre often associated with futuristic pursuits of new worlds and extraterrestrial life, sci-fi is also an apt metaphor for the discovery of the differences between self and other, human and alien.

NOW International's 'FEAST' A Stunning Success

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Performance from the sidelines with Jo Blake (dancer) and Robert Scott Smith (actor/dancer).

Performance from the sidelines with Jo Blake (dancer) and Robert Scott Smith (actor/dancer).

You could hear a pin drop in the hour and ten minutes spanning NOW International's latest show on the edge of the Great Salt Lake this last Saturday. These are just a few moments I caught on my iPhone over the intense 'FEAST' experience we created at Saltair. Such a marvelous night, made possible by so many beautiful patrons, gracious sponsors and volunteers. From the load-in of an enormous 50ft. custom 'table' (our stage), lighting and sound–through to our strike yesterday some some strong helpers...  'FEAST' was a huge undertaking for a company this size. Six months in the making, and fully realized by our incredible guest performers with direction by Charlotte Boye-Christensen, founder and husband Nathan Webster in collaboration with Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratories.

The talented David Newkirk and Dena Eaton have posted select photos. More will be coming soon, either here or at We want to thank everyone for taking this journey with us. We hope you felt it was as stunning a success as we did.

My view from the DJ booth, near the very end of the show. I got to play on the same sound system that SLAYER used the week before!

My view from the DJ booth, near the very end of the show. I got to play on the same sound system that SLAYER used the week before!

A model of the original Saltiar in the gift shop.

A model of the original Saltiar in the gift shop.

The beautiful sunset at Saltair mid-performance, with Lewis Bros. food truck off to the side. (click to expand)

Norway Day

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Two of the finest human beings I know. Elizabeth Gilman and Philip Gunderson at their annual Norwegian Independence Day party. Philip is, as you may have guessed, from Norway and they take the holiday seriously enough to make it a tradition. It also marks the first time I really got to know them as my (then) neighbors, about four years ago. I love you guys. You are model citizens.

Vanvouver BC Dispatch #2

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Tis' true, I am back from the land up northwest and what a lovely time I had. See photos here. Wish I could go into extreme detail here but work is kicking my butt after the longest vacation I've had in 12 years. That said, I'm fully refreshed and feeling great. Also inspired by how friendly, professional, smart and beautiful Canada and it's citizens are. Despite the cost of living and the unease of Chinese investment in Vancouver, Canada is very much a pleasant agrarian/socialist society at it's core. People just accept from a young age that they are going to pay a little more for everything in return for a higher quality of life. The trains are cheap, run on time, and on an honor system no less. One ticket at $2.75 took me to the airport like our TRAX. The people are healthy, over educated, and recycle like they're life depends on it. There isn't any graffiti. Everyone's just basically like... nice to each other! Even the drug addicts on Hastings have a safety net and are manageable. It's a bit like America through a looking glass. What could have been. Don't get me wrong. I love me some America and our fighting spirit. But sometimes you wonder just like, why are we wasting so much energy? Aren't there bigger problems at hand?

Bunny Hop Triumphs Again

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Photos and video from Sunday's miraculous 'Bunny Hop' fundraiser at The Garage... WOW!

YouTube playlist (4 videos)

Guys... Guys, Can you believe we raised $1500 for Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center this Easter? Simply amazing!

We couldn't have done it without all of your heavenly bodies showing up with loads of love and energy for our 4th year in a row, so THANK YOU from the deepest part of me and the crew at The Garage (Bob, Marsha, all... you're tremendous). I also need to congratulate the following sponsors, DJ's and helper bunnies for making the Hop come together behind the scenes and on the day of the event:

Ron Green / The Green Ant
Michael Templeman / Tomorrow’s House
Josh Wheatley / Urban Vintage SLC
Cody Derrick & Amy Tibbals / cityhome Collective
Karamea Puriri / SLUG Magazine & KRCL
Angela H. Brown and the Slug Magazine team
Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory
Stoneground Kitchen
Diabolical Records
Barber Kit Stiefel

Denise Cartwright Organics
+ Justin Godina (Mixer Donation)
+ Dan Rivers (Professional Egg Hider)
+ Tatiana Subbotin (Caffeine / Moral Support)
+ Philip Gunderson (Floral Tie Furnishings)
+ Lee Croy (8 hr. layover surprise visit from Portland)
+ The Dancers ( know who you are)

Last but not least a huge hunk of burnin' love goes out to our DJ’s for providing the perfect soundtrack, THANK YOU again:  John Peppinger / Megan Harker Moak / Heather Gaither / Jesse Stewart / James Ramirez / Justin Godina / DJ Finale Grand / Sam "Feral Cat" Stinson

Get The Balance Right

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I had desired to attend the launch party for Revolv #4, but was double booked that night. So I was slightly shocked, yet happy to pay actual money for the local mag yesterday to make up for it.

Asking for money. What, are they crazy? In actuality, that's a bold move for Revolv to seize this particular tipping point in SLC street culture to not only a.) respect their work, process and product up to now, but to also b.) deem it worthy of purchase, downright demand it.

Something about that transaction made me feel good. And not just because our hometown hero artisté Dan Christofferson was inked forever on it's toothy paper. But because it shows Salt Lake in it's best 'now' light and therefore is worth it. I imagined some enlightened young person picking up Revolv in a Berlin shop and wondering why the fuck they've never considered the scene Utah. I got my copy at the fantastic FICE Gallery & Boutique. You want to go to there.

Inside and Out of Utah, CUAC Juried Show Connects Curators and Artists

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Public reception and award ceremony: 6-9pm Friday, March 21.
Juror's awards to be announced at the opening.
Exhibition runs 3/21-4/12

CUAC offers an annual juried exhibition called Utah Ties for artists who are living in Utah, living outside of Utah, but are from Utah, or who have spent time as students or professionally in Utah. There will be awards totaling $1,000 given to juror’s selections in the show.
The purpose of the show is to help Utah artists gain exposure in Utah and also to the outside art community by being exposed to a juror who operates a commercial gallery outside of Utah.
This year’s Juror is gallerist Adam Gildar of Gildar Gallery in Denver. Gildar Gallery is one of the most progressive contemporary art galleries in Denver. Gildar is also the director of Art Plant, a residency for professional artists with the purpose of connecting curators and artists to the Denver art community.

Out of 550+ works submitted, here are the selections of our juror Adam Gildar for the 2014 Utah Ties Exhibition:

Thomas Aguila  //  Paige Anderson  //  Christine Baczek  //  Daniel Barney  //  Shawn Bitters  //  Pam Bowman  //  Erik Brunvand  //  Sandy Brunvand  //  Ai Childress  //  Maddison Colvin  //  Erik Dalzen  //  Cara Despain  //  Jenna Douglass  //  Daniel Everett  //  Peter Everett  //  Jonathan  //  Frioux  //  Todd Hayes  //  Noah Jackson  //  Holly Jarvis  //  Brooklynn Johnson  //  Kyle Jorgenson  //  Emily Fox King  //  Matt Kruback  //  Shasta Krueger  //  Tatiana Larson  //  Camilia Lund  //  Anna Laurie Mackay  //  Jason Manley  //  Edward Mckenna  //  Sean Moyer  //  Alanna Norman  //  John O’Connell  //  Andrew Perkins  //  Gian Pierotti  //  Alexandra Reintjes  //  Rachel Rigley  //  David Ruhlman  //  Ryan Saunders  //  Casey Jex Smith  //  Alex Stevens  //  Roland Thompson  //  Marcela Torres  //  Brian Tuttle  //  Daniele Vickers  //  Jerrin Wagstaff  //  Morganne Wakefield  //  Justin Watson  //  Claire Wilson  //  Laura Sharp Wilson  //  Lindsey Winkel  //  David Wolske  //  Laura Zundel

More information at

Destruction Junction

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The teardown over at the site of The {NewPerforming Arts Center on 100 S. and Main St. somehow adding to the gloominess today. I would like to take another photo from the crosswalk like then when it's completed in 2016 to cheer everyone up. I'm excited for it despite the buildings that couldn't be saved.


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Last I checked, the most recent Revolv Magazine issue was not fully digitized. Now it appears they've released a nice update in design and functionality. Revolv had certainly e-volved into a local editorial force to be reckoned with. Consistently turning its glamorous light on the gritty surface of SLC.

Diabolical Records

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What a treat to find the scrappy Diabolical Records on Edison Street humming with energy this afternoon. Everyone in our gang found something to buy and the owners Adam Tye and his wife Alana Boscan were incredibly cool. They mostly focus on psych, garage and local music but they carry a bit of everything. Even some rare disco! Stop in and support an actual record store in our growing downtown art district. Everybody wins. 

238 S. Edison St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Hours: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Phone: (801) 792-9204

A Muse Bouche

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This past Saturday NOW-ID held a low key fundraiser called A MUSE BOUCHE at the fabulous cityhome Collective headquarters. The party was a high-dollar / small-bites culinary event featuring food by Chef Frank Piessel, a short performance and taste of whats to come in our May show "Feast".
We couldn't have been happier with the sold out night and the gracious support we received from our guests. (See the gallery here, if not shown above.)

To find out how you can support NOW-ID or attend our upcoming shows please visit our website and sign up for our mailing list at