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Futurists Unite at Further Future Music Festival

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You can almost feel the bass levitating Robot Heart revelers at Further Future, a desert electronic music festival near Las Vegas that doesn't suck. The iconic DJ Lee Burridge at the helm of course here, delivering a Sunday sunrise sermon that lasted 6+ hours...? Just one magical moment that was a weekend spent cowering from torrential rainstorms, meeting new friends... chasing, dancing and occasionally rubbing shoulders with all-time favorite musicians, DJ's and performers. #FF002 was a mecca for party professionals from around the globe and we brought it like no tomorrow. See you next year!

The Extremes of the Earth

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Photo: Andrey Shapran, from " North Cape " - part of the project " Extreme Earth" 

Photo: Andrey Shapran, from " North Cape " - part of the project Extreme Earth" 

Andrei Shapran: The purpose of the project "Extreme Earth" - talk about the territories, which are outside the attention of ordinary people. It is always the northern territory of the Russian Federation - are closed to visits and classified in the Soviet period. Now they are no less difficult to access, though for different reasons - the purely technical. A four-month trip to Chukotka in 2015 was another milestone in my project. North Cape - the name given territory in person, James Cook, drifted here in 1778.It was the most northerly point achieved by the mainland. In Russia it was then on the throne of Catherine II, and the land stood out only on maps of the white spot.

David Brothers: Rolithica

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A Place We Go to Decorate


Press Release: 
Incorporating both the beautiful and the wretched, David Brothers creates elaborate, fantastical and sublime staged worlds as the palette for his photographic compositions. Through installation and photography, this solo exhibition will take the viewer into Brothers’ surreal world that is at once both hell and paradise.

As a respected and unusual character in the Utah arts community, Brothers has made his mark in various disciplines including painting, printmaking, animation, radio, film, video and photography. Although he has had a long career in the film industry as a designer, art director and scenic painter, in the 90s he returned to the creation of set design with the sole purpose of photographing his whimsical environments, giving visual and lasting representation to the artist’s form of storytelling. 

For Brothers, still photography is the ideal narrative format, unhindered by troublesome cinematic matters, such as clichéd emotional manipulations that visually bankrupt the language of motion pictures. In the exhibition Rolithica, Brothers presents a site-specific installation in conjunction with a series of large-format photographs, allowing visitors to explore the uncanny components of his unique artistic practice.

Meet the Artist on opening night, January 29 at UMOCA.

Sputnik Planum

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NASA: Pluto (False Color)

NASA: Pluto (False Color)

New Horizons scientists use enhanced color images to detect differences in the composition and texture of Pluto’s surface. When close-up images are combined with color data from the Ralph instrument, it paints a new and surprising portrait of the dwarf planet. The “heart of the heart,” Sputnik Planum, is suggestive of a source region of ices. The two bluish-white “lobes” that extend to the southwest and northeast of the “heart” may represent exotic ices being transported away from Sputnik Planum. – NASA


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Catch artist Rodrigo Valenzuela's show 'Prole' at CUAC up until this Saturday Sept 12. I'll be playing next Friday, Sept 19th for a special gallery stroll event with Make It Fit. #OffWorldSLC

CUAC – Raised in a working-class family and having entered the United States as a laborer himself, Valenzuela explores socio-cultural tensions with regards to class, race, and labor. In Prole, the iconography of historical labor unions becomes the departure point for a new body of work that comments on the dying spirit of the union force in today’s society.

To say Salt Lake based NOW-ID had a busy summer ...would be an understatement.

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To say Salt Lake based NOW-ID had a busy summer ...would be an understatement.

The fledgling dance/design co. of which I am a board member staged NOWHERE at Libby Gardner Concert Hall in Salt Lake City in July and was nominated for three CityWeekly awards for best choreography, dance and multimedia production. NOWHERE featured artists from all over the country as well as Denmark and Iceland and ran for two successful nights.


"NOWHERE was, quite simply, superb! No one in SLC has had the courage, persistence or level of insanity required to pull off something like this. You have absolutely created a standard for dance and multi media."

"Tonight's performance of Nowhere was at once exhilarating, refreshing and thought-provoking. NOW-ID hatched from its fragile shell and developed into a mature masterpiece in front of my eyes this evening. I commend you and all of the fabulous performers tonight on a passionate artful deliverance, and I thank you for infusing SLC (and me) with a strong dose of much needed art and culture!"

"Unbelievably beautiful and moving!"

In August NOW-ID conducted a residency at Tanner Dance for a week and then hosted/directed and curated 'Space As Collaborator'

– their first Summer Intensive for Designers, Dancers and Choreographers where, in Five days, they managed to produce 11 pieces by 24 artists and had three showings for the public. Participants came from Portland, Chicago, Allentown, Wichita, NYC, California, Vancouver and Utah. Each worked collaboratively in five spaces for two days and then were switched around, given a new theme, a new team, a new space and another 48 hours to solve and present their work. Amazing creativity emerged from this experience unlike any other.

Director Charlotte Boye-Christensen travels to Miami and Singapore to complete two residencies. 


click to purchase tickets >

click to purchase tickets >



Featuring extraordinary auction items and entertainment. The 'Apocalypse' takes place at Addictive behavior Motor Works in Salt Lake City's Granary District. To purchase tickets, please go to:


See you there!!!

NOW-ID Goes Next Level with 'Nowhere' Performance and an Intensive Workshop this Summer

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The NOW-ID Board 2015. Moving picture by David Newkirk.

SLC based international dance-art-design company NOW-ID is gearing up for some big projects this summer. First of which is our July 17 & 18 performance NOWHERE at Libby Gardner Hall at the University of Utah.

NOWHERE is an exploration of place. The evening will be composed as a collage of dance, installation, film, and original music composition featuring four dancers, an organ player, and Denmark based musician/composer Jesper Egelund performing on double bass. Local artists as well as artists from around the world will create a space of ritual as they examine the intersection of place and body. Save the dates and visit for information and to purchase tickets.

SPACE AS COLLABORATOR, a five-day summer intensive workshop from August 17-21st, also at the University of Utah pairing 10 choreographers, 10 architects/designers and 20 dancers together in interdisciplinary teams who will each day solve a unique design/movement problem and then stage their solutions. This intensive creative experience is directed at curious, innovative professionals and advanced students in the fields of dance and architecture or design. For information or to register visit

In early fall, we're excited to bring you OVER/UNDERGROUND, the NOW-ID annual gala. Prepare for a new kind of party. NOW-ID is growing, evolving... and we're inviting anyone who's ready for this next-level to attend.

Global, Ethical Fashion Focus of AMF 2015

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Art Meets Fashion 2015 Runway Editorial / Photographer: Heidi Gress Photography

Art Meets Fashion 2015 Runway Editorial / Photographer: Heidi Gress Photography

Art Meets Fashion 2015 takes place on May 16th featuring a full collection/runway showcase from AMF runway program recipient Davis Hong, a preview of fine artist Mark Seely exhibition for Fall 2015 and collection by Nigerian designer Kinabuti. Also floral installations, special performances and tasting stations from five local restaurants.

From the AMF Facebook: "This year Art Meets Fashion Runway is about being part of a global landscape, culturally responsible business practices and ethical sourcing. We are proud to be presenting the US premiere of Nigerian collection Kinabuti. All garments are made by the women in the villages and Kinabuti has opened a tailoring school, water front cleanup projects and empowering seminars. We will be selling some garments that will help support their on going efforts as well as presenting a full collection on the runway."

Get your tickets in advance > Seats are limited. Tickets are $45 and include admission, a selection of food and beverages. All proceeds will benefit the new Entrepreneurial Artist Mentor program.

High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV)

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From NASA/ISS:  The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS was activated April 30, 2014. It is mounted on the External Payload Facility of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module. This experiment includes several commercial HD video cameras aimed at the Earth which are enclosed in a pressurized and temperature controlled housing. While the experiment is operational, views will typically sequence though the different cameras. Between camera switches, a gray and then black color slate will briefly appear.

Want to make the live feed your OSX screensaver? Try this, or this (for OSX, hold cntrl key when you click open after unzipping the files)

High Five! Bunny Hop 5th Annual Rewind

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Click to play video collection.

We have photos and video from the 5th Annual 'Bunny Hop' fundraiser at The Garage for you today. Original photos can be downloaded from Flickr if you see some you want to save or post elsewhere. Please just credit the Bunny Hop in some way. More can be seen on Instagram using #bunnyhopslc.


Everyone involved with the Bunny Hop wants to thank those who came out this year to support. Especially the many sponsors, volunteers, DJ's (9 total), performers and staff who made it come together in fine style.

With your help we raised over $3K for the Volunteers of America, Utah – Homeless Youth Resource Center. Twice what we raised last year!

A little about what this VOA chapter does:

YOUTH HOMELESSNESS IS ON THE RISE. Last fiscal year, Volunteers of America, Utah’s Homeless Youth Resource Center served 944 individual homeless youth, 80% of whom are from Utah. The majority of these homeless youth suffered from verbal, physical and sexual trauma by those who are supposed to love and protect them. They often reported having parents and caretakers who were addicted to drugs, involved in criminal activity, incarcerated and/or abusive. Economic stress has also been shown to increase violence and substance use in families, resulting in more youth fleeing their homes. Other youth have been kicked out of their homes, have run away from the hurt and/or find themselves alone without resources. About 75% of youth served report physical and sexual abuse, whereas 25% aged out of the foster care system.

These are our most vulnerable youth, age 15-24, who live on our streets, camp in our foothills and have nowhere to go. So we go to them. We bring them food and clothing. Check on their safety. Gain their trust. So eventually, they’ll come to us. At first, it might just be to shower, or do laundry at our Youth Resource Center. Many will stay in our emergency shelter. And once we build a relationship, we can do more than meet their basic needs. We can help them complete their education. Seek employment. Find housing. And get the mental health and addiction counseling they need. This building will enable us to best serve their needs by providing quality, one-on-one time to help them on the path to self-sufficiency.

The VOA has a proposed new location on 9th S. and 400 W. in Salt Lake they are hoping to build in the coming year. You can read more about their mission and the proposed facility in this small brochure online.