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Where no man/woman has gone before

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krcl polar jubilee

Some photos by the force of nature that is David Newkirk from this past Friday at KRCL's annual 'Polar Jubilee' which was held in a vacant shop space at historic Trolley Square. Loved the looks on display backed by bowie-esque rock bands and a retro sci-fi soundtrack that bled into a stellar space disco dance party! Thanks again for the invite Bad Brad Wheeler and everyone at the station who made it so fun.

The (New) Barber Shop at Zuriick

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The Barber Shop has re-opened in the back of Zuriick's even newer space on 865 East 900 South in SLC over the weekend. Schedule a cut by any of their brilliant barbers, Kit Stiefel, Logan Bradshaw or Trever Hadley. They do great work.


PH: 801-834-7284
Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 9 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM

Introducing Provisions, an American Craft Kitchen

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Get an eyeful of the new, bright and bushy tailed Provisions Restaurant in East Millcreek which is housed in the former Lugäno space on 3364 S 2300 E. Still in transformation but looking great at the preview dinner we attended this past Tuesday.

I was happy to assist chef/owner Tyler Stokes with the branding, menu and web design of Provisions which took cues from the interior touches designer Rachel Hodson brought to the project ...like, that amazing wallpaper. The punch of modern coral orange is kept at bay by classic, clean white moulding and a slick grey cement floor throughout. Orange continues into the kitchen, cladding the wood-fired oven in a warm inviting glow.

Stokes was associated with two restaurants prior in Sun Valley, Idaho, (Owner of Dashi and Executive Chef of Globus which was featured on Rachel Ray) opened Provisions to highlight "regional, organic and sustainable ingredients... using new and old world technique’s to create exciting flavor profiles, textures and visual enjoyment." What's also inspiring is that he'll be serving house made pasta, wood fire pizzas, seafood, local meats and vegetables from the same kitchen he worked in as a teenager growing up in nearby Park City. An impressive third act from a young and talented chef.

More information and reservations can be found at www.slcprovisions.com.


3364 S 2300 E
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
T. 801-410-4046

Frame Your Photos In An Instant

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Have you heard about the iPhone app by local Utah gallerists turned entrepreneurs that can "Instantly Frame" photos from your phone to your doorstep? I gave it a try last week and the resulting piece turned out beautifully.

Just upload any photo (or file) from your phone to the Instantly Framed app. From there, I.F. prints it on photo luster paper using archival inks and frame it in a beautiful USA made FSC certified black walnut frame with recycled backing materials. The whole process takes less than 5 business days. Pretty cool no?

NCM Readers can use the discount code "CINEWCITY10" to get $10 off one frame and $20 off 2 frames from now until Monday Oct. 6th. Learn more and download the app over at www.instantlyframed.com.

A Visionary Art Environment

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In a state full of magnificent strangeness, Gilgal Garden is a likely contender for crown jewel. It is a local treasure that we Salt Laker's grew up hearing about or discovering at random. Myself in the early 90's, sneaking in over the fence one night with my x-wife's older brother from the above parking lot which was sandwiched between a Wonder Bread factory and a Chuck-A-Rama buffet. The garden and sculptures, built by a crazed religious stonemason were overgrown and badly in need of repair. It wasn't until a Canadian company tried to buy the property for a condo development that the local arts community, the city fought to preserve it. The Mormon church even threw in a chunk of change. It's now a beautifully manicured Utah state park, full of magnificent strangeness.

From Wikipedia: The Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a small public city park, located at 749 East 500 South in Salt Lake City, UtahUnited States. The park, which is filled with unusual symbolic statuary associated with Mormonism, notably to the Sphinx with Joseph Smith's head, was a labor of love designed and created by LDS businessman Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. (1888-1963) in his spare time. The park contains 12 original sculptures and over 70 stones engraved with scriptures, poems and literary texts. Gilgal Sculpture Garden is the only designated "visionary art environment" in the state of Utah.

To learn more and to become a 'Friend of Gilgal Garden', visit the official website at  www.gilgalgarden.org.

Throwback Thursday: The Globe Cafe By Moonlight

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Where Cindy Lee asian cafe sits today on Main Street once lived a fairly amazing restaurant called The Globe Cafe. I used to DJ there around the turn of the century before moving to the Red Door. I'm not sure who took the above photo (please tell me if you know...) but it came to light on an old hard drive and is bringing back some great memories. One might argue that bits of our current dining scene's stardust could be traced back to the Globe's big bang of ahead-of-it's-time food by chefs Adam Kreitzel, Joe DiMeo and others. The Globes owners, management and staff were always so fun to be around which made it feel like family. I hope they know what an impact they made. 

In The Control Room

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Some highlights below from last Saturday's Control Room (8.23.14) via DA\AR Photography.
The entire FB gallery can be seen here. Thanks again to the keen promoters for having me, and for throwing such an awesome event. Also to all the other DJ's who destroyed it. Definitely one for the books! Archived streaming video should be up at Quality Control's Daily Motion page soon.

Promised Valley Playhouse

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From recent late night wanderings near 132 South State Street. Promised Valley Playhouse (...Orpheum Theatre, Casino Theatre, Wilkes Theatre, Playhouse, Roxy Theatre, Lake Theatre, Lyric Theater). Status: Demolished.

Did you know there's an website dedicated to all Utah theaters, open or closed from the beginning of time? http://utahtheaters.info

Dual Opening Reception at UMOCA - Friday June 27, 7-9pm

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"God Complex" Christopher Kelly

"God Complex" Christopher Kelly

Dual show opening at UMOCA that looks interesting towards the end of June.

From Utahmoca.org:

FRI, JUN 27 | 7 - 9 PM
Join us for a celebration to commence UMOCA's two newest exhibitions. Bring your friends and experience today's art and mingle with the artists. Refreshments and a cash bar will be available. 

Bikuben, (Danish for "the hive") was inspired by the research for this exhibition. Between 1876 and 1935, Bikuben was a newspaper published in Utah for the Danish immigrants as a way to foster cultural connectivity and a sense of community. For this exhibition, the word bikuben is reimagined as a way to examine how the symbolism of a beehive is interwoven with concepts of industry, heritage, and utopia. 
Artist Q&A  JUN 27 | 6 PM 
On the 27th, come early for a Q&A with renowned Danish contemporary artist Mie Olise hosted by UMOCA's Curator, Rebecca Maksym. Olise's installation piece Shipsearching (2011) is featured above.  

Christopher Kelly: GOD COMPLEX 
Christopher Kelly's GOD COMPLEX references science fiction to expand on the universal human desire to develop and control an alternative place. A genre often associated with futuristic pursuits of new worlds and extraterrestrial life, sci-fi is also an apt metaphor for the discovery of the differences between self and other, human and alien.

NOW International's 'FEAST' A Stunning Success

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Performance from the sidelines with Jo Blake (dancer) and Robert Scott Smith (actor/dancer).

Performance from the sidelines with Jo Blake (dancer) and Robert Scott Smith (actor/dancer).

You could hear a pin drop in the hour and ten minutes spanning NOW International's latest show on the edge of the Great Salt Lake this last Saturday. These are just a few moments I caught on my iPhone over the intense 'FEAST' experience we created at Saltair. Such a marvelous night, made possible by so many beautiful patrons, gracious sponsors and volunteers. From the load-in of an enormous 50ft. custom 'table' (our stage), lighting and sound–through to our strike yesterday some some strong helpers...  'FEAST' was a huge undertaking for a company this size. Six months in the making, and fully realized by our incredible guest performers with direction by Charlotte Boye-Christensen, founder and husband Nathan Webster in collaboration with Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratories.

The talented David Newkirk and Dena Eaton have posted select photos. More will be coming soon, either here or at NOW-ID.com. We want to thank everyone for taking this journey with us. We hope you felt it was as stunning a success as we did.

My view from the DJ booth, near the very end of the show. I got to play on the same sound system that SLAYER used the week before!

My view from the DJ booth, near the very end of the show. I got to play on the same sound system that SLAYER used the week before!

A model of the original Saltiar in the gift shop.

A model of the original Saltiar in the gift shop.

The beautiful sunset at Saltair mid-performance, with Lewis Bros. food truck off to the side. (click to expand)

Norway Day

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Two of the finest human beings I know. Elizabeth Gilman and Philip Gunderson at their annual Norwegian Independence Day party. Philip is, as you may have guessed, from Norway and they take the holiday seriously enough to make it a tradition. It also marks the first time I really got to know them as my (then) neighbors, about four years ago. I love you guys. You are model citizens.

Vanvouver BC Dispatch #2

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Tis' true, I am back from the land up northwest and what a lovely time I had. See photos here. Wish I could go into extreme detail here but work is kicking my butt after the longest vacation I've had in 12 years. That said, I'm fully refreshed and feeling great. Also inspired by how friendly, professional, smart and beautiful Canada and it's citizens are. Despite the cost of living and the unease of Chinese investment in Vancouver, Canada is very much a pleasant agrarian/socialist society at it's core. People just accept from a young age that they are going to pay a little more for everything in return for a higher quality of life. The trains are cheap, run on time, and on an honor system no less. One ticket at $2.75 took me to the airport like our TRAX. The people are healthy, over educated, and recycle like they're life depends on it. There isn't any graffiti. Everyone's just basically like... nice to each other! Even the drug addicts on Hastings have a safety net and are manageable. It's a bit like America through a looking glass. What could have been. Don't get me wrong. I love me some America and our fighting spirit. But sometimes you wonder just like, why are we wasting so much energy? Aren't there bigger problems at hand?