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Bad Kids Special Appearance at Bunny Hop 2015

Knowing that our 5th Anniversary Bunny Hop had to be extra-extra special we enlisted the extraordinary-supercalifragilistique talents of THE BAD KIDS. A performance art troupe that takes traditional notions of gender stereotypes, drag culture, club kids and puts them upside down in a punk blender. Having recently installed themselves at UMFA as a performance art piece, they'll be bringing their 'looks', attitude and a little something extra to the party with help from Bad Kid DJ Artemis. Here's a bio from the four members we're lucky to have involved. (Shown clockwise from upper left above):

Having abandoned all social constructs in favor of a good time, The Bearded Femme takes to the stage with a long beard and a tight bra...when she isn't burning it. Gird your loins, weep and gnash your teeth at her garish beauty! all shall love her and despair!

Mona Diet is most known for hosting Metro Bar's Saturday Night Shows featuring the highest caliber local and International Drag Artists. With training in classical theatre, modern dance, and vocal stylings. This versatile delusionist is sure to be the right personality to host your next birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, divorce, reception, dinner party, bachelor/ette extravaganza, quiciañera, solar eclipse, retirement, in-court settlement, weight loss accomplishment, or latest test result!!!

Lamia is a true serpentine desert queen. She'll charm you, entice you, and dance for you all night long. Let her seductive dance moves, twirls, and alien twig insect body take you into an experience that is truly out of this world.

Blossom hails from the mountains of Midway-to-Heaven Utah where she spends her days frolicking through the woods and meadows twirling in her fringe and lace and singing along to Stevie Nicks. She loves to entertain and most of all loves to boogie with her pals on the endless dancefloor of life.

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Sneeky Long shot in full DJ mode at The Rest.

Sneeky Long shot in full DJ mode at The Rest.

James Ramirez aka DJ Sneeky Long is returning for his second year at the Bunny Hop. We asked him to tell us a little about how he got started playing, where's he's playing these days, what kinds of music he collects and what he'll be bringing to the Hop. Here's what he told us:

"I've been heavily into music since I was in elementary school.  I've been collecting records since I was about 20.  DJing for the public for about the last 12 yrs.  I started out listening to and collecting Hip Hop records, which moved me into soul, funk and jazz which moved me into everything else.  Now my collection runs the gamut from hip hop to reggae to soul & funk to latin to post punk to psychedelic rock to electro and everything in-between.  I have a regular residency at Beer Bar every Thursday night where I play a little bit of everything groovy and I occasionally play records on Monday nights at Bar X with Justin Godina for his all vinyl soul night.  I also play every 3rd Friday of the month at The Rest (which is in the basement of Bodega).  A monthly set at Whiskey Street for their Sunday Brunch is also in the works.

So for the bunny hop, I'll probably do something in the vein of what I did last year.  Just some nice upbeat soulful groovy sounds to match the daytime party vibe.  I've been very deep into collecting Tropicalia records of late (and all things Brazilian) so be expecting to hear some of that stuff...  also some AOR type vibes i.e. Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Bros. will also most likely be in order. That stuff goes hand in hand with drinking in the sun.

Tracy Aviary

My lazy Sunday drive prompted an inaugural visit to Tracy Aviary this past weekend. Hard to believe, but I've never been after so... so many years here in SLC. It was a great day for it as well with Liberty park not yet fully enveloped in it's seasonal din of screaming children and drum circles. Birds are dinosaurs with wings but they're pretty cool to see up close. The flamingos are this gorgeous creamsicle color and the peacock was all kinds of friendly. The redeveloped visitor's center and park grounds by AJC Architects adds geometric and experiential layers making the Aviary a lovely diversion right in the heart of downtown.

Historic Day for Nondiscrimination Bill in Utah

Photo: David Newkirk

We're so proud of our friend Troy Williams for his work leading up to the historic press conference yesterday with Equality Utahthe LDS Church and Legislative leaders in support of statewide nondiscrimination bill SB296. As of today the bill has passed unanimously out of the Business and Labor Senate Committee. That's a huge victory for LGBT Utahns on many levels. But supporters of equality should still let their voices be heard. Take a moment and contact your legislators using this easy automated form. Together we can make nondiscrimination in Utah a reality.

Derek Kitchen for SLC City Council

I was happy to help my friend Derek Kitchen with a simple design for his SLC City Council campaign which he made official today. Here's the message he released this morning:

Join me at Caputo's Market for a press conference to announce my candidacy for Salt Lake City Council - District 4.

Family, friends, and supporters: I'm very excited to announce that I have decided to run for Salt Lake City Council - District 4. (Derek Kitchen for City Council - Like my page for future updates).

I've always had a love of politics and community involvement. Whether it was my run for student body officer during high school, my community advocacy through being a small business owner, or my passion for social justice which led to Kitchen vs Herbert, I've been eager to make our collective voice heard. My run for City Council stems from my passion for our city, our home state, and our diverse community.

I hope you can join me for my press conference next week, and that, once again, I can count on your support in this new journey.

Follow him and his partner Moudi:

5000 Doors Branding

Who needs affordable housing? You'd be surprised.


This fall my design studio was hired to create and implement branding for a new citywide public/private housing initiative called 5000 Doors. Today Mayor Ralph Becker held a press conference in support for the program or '5KD' (as we've been calling it internally) in front of Liberty Village, a development in Sugarhouse that contains a percentage of affordable units. 5000 Doors has been a cool project to be a part of. It's something we already believe in and we're happy the design is receiving positive feedback. You can see the branding in action on todays news over at 4UTAHKUTV2FOX13, KSL and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Statement from SLC5000DOORS.COM:

5000 DOORS is an ambitious housing initiative to address Salt Lake City’s lack of housing options affordable to low-wage workers and moderate income families, persons with disabilities and those on fixed incomes. The initiative will promote the development, preservation and support of 5,000 affordable housing units over five years. Learn More >

Hel Hath Frozen Over

INDUSTRY is Hel's first compilation, and an attempt to catalog and document the Utah experimental electronic scene as it stands in the year 2014. Collecting tracks from Hel regulars (OK Ikumi, RS2090, Mooninite), scene veterans (Siak, Cerci), and newcomers (Vistaas, Jordan Swain, MONOL!TH) in various electronic styles; from the electro and techno sounds the scene was formed around to the abstract splinterings of the modern soundscape.

Guys... This holiday weekend of epic adventures has renewed my faith in SLC nightlife and music coming out of this square state. Small surprises around every corner made for an awareness that cool sh!t is happening just under the surface.

Friday began with a wee bit of gallery strolling to CUAC's opening reception (great show by the way) before finding DJ Choice doing it justice over at The Red Door, then off to Zest behind Ann-Michelle (DJ Artemis) to hear Detroit native Make It Fit putting his thumb on the techno scale with Dance Therapy and our trusty Hot Noise—night capped by a birthday party in bear costumes dancing on the patio to hip-hop blasting out of a dudes cell phone.

I was siren called back to the concrete jungle on Saturday for a cocktail at Copper Common (cue soundtrack of The Smiths), a second at Bar X (Morrissey overhead) with stops in between at the Hel Audio 'INDUSTRY' compilation release show at Diabolical Records featuring SIAK (video above), RS2090 and Blade, all undeniably talented producers representing Utah's electronic scene in fresh, exciting ways. Following this, we Uber'd it over to the under new ownership but soon to be demolished Burt's Tiki Lounge, an exotic Keebler elves hotel of ill repute that may very well contain a doorway to hell. A dive bar send off party was in motion with a backdrop of Disco and 80's edits being expertly provided by Marcus V. (featured in our first NCM Guest Mix) to a mixed crowd of young professionals and angry punk girls... which turned a little aggressive leading me and my men to the decide that raving was not beyond the call of duty. Lyft this time dropped us off at Europa One, a private party on the westside where my friend Red Spectral was tearing the roof off in fine style with DJ's Eco, Christian PP, Better Homes & Gardens and others for the seasoned after hours mavens. I must say that there is some very intelligent house and techno coming from the new crop of DJ's and promoters with an ear for Quality!

After some much needed sleep and an internal debate over whether or not to burn my clothing from the night before I rolled into Whiskey Street on Sunday for blunch, (brunch+lunch) where I found Johnny Peppinger playing a lovely vinyl mix of jet set jazz and space age lounge exotica. Something you just don't hear that often, but you should and it's perfect for that time of day.

Red Spectral at Europa One by New World Presents

So looking back on my MLK weekend I couldn't help but find a few reasons to be proud and energized (or frightened) about things that go bump in the night. The independent electronic music scene and community seems unified in a great way. I hope that continues and we start seeing some Utah artists recognized for their innate genius on a larger scale. The time is coming.