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Food Too Beautiful To Eat at Rose Estb.

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rose establishment salad coffee avocado peaches toast

What's awesome about The Rose Establishment, apart from their talent for coffee (now available in nitro form) and tea is their near perfect seasonal menus. Deceptively simple food that's so frikken' good it's occasionally becoming an issue getting a cup of their 'Utah corn soup' or that last sea salted chocolate chunk cookie before lunch has even started. Not to fear though, everything The Rose offers is worthy of your tastebuds. I feel like the avocado toast craze caught on here first (in Utah) and is understandably every hipster/foodie/farmers-market-goers trusty standby. But it's the heirloom carrot salad that has been my go-to this summer. Shown above with the daily special in-house canned peaches and goat cheese toast, all as delicious as it looks. Visit early and often.

235 S 400 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Phone: 801.990.6270


Fly Moon Royalty

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I've been looking for a reason to step inside the Shred Shed on Exchange Place and Seattle bred duo Fly Moon Royalty sounds like a really good one! Fly Moon's Adra Boo and Action J will be coming through on Thursday, 25th of September with their eclectic, electro soul show which has hints of Gnarles Barkley, Sharon Jones, Janele Monae, J. Dilla and Stevie Wonder. Interested? Give 'em a listen on Spotify or at and then show them some SLC love! Tickets availalbe now.

Black Book Magazine Exclusive: Unlikely Twosome Fly Moon Royalty Release “Rx”

Official Bio:
Dichotomy in a partnership is always tricky, but not for Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty. Bleeding with all the heart and soul of blues and r&b, combined with the contemporary aesthetics of modern day electronica and hip hop, the collaboration of the Seattle-based duo is a perfectly fitting contradiction. 

Comprised of soulful vocalist, Adra Boo and DJ/Producer/Emcee Action J, the two-piece are set to release their forthcoming EP, Unfinished Business, this coming February 18, 2014. Idling comfortably between the party ready glam of The Gossip, with the funk aesthetics of Gnarls Barkley, the EP is a progressive step forward for the band, and follows the release of 2012’s Dimensions EP and their stunning, self- titled debut LP in 2011. 

Their self-titled release cemented Fly Moon Royalty as certified up and comers within the local Seattle music scene, with Seattle Magazine naming the enigmatic duo as one of the city’s Best New Bands, while City Arts voted them as best the city’s Best Local Band in 2012, following an Honorable Mention in the same category a year earlier. With a No. 5 debut on KEXP’s r&b charts, the band have since gone onto support the likes of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Macklemore, Slum Village, Robert Glasper, Nneka and Allen Stone.

While their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, the musical partnership of Fly Moon Royalty came about naturally. Often likened sonically to Janelle Monae, vocalist AdraBoo’s roots are planted firmly in musical theater. “I started to step out and sing in highschool - I got into theater, and whenever there was a musical, I was in! I learned the ins and outs of the stage, and went on to attend a theater training program, and then, through friends in the club scene, I started hosting.” Enter second half of the duo, Action J - a Grand Rapids, MI local and newcomer to Seattle, the all-round MC/DJ/producer threw himself into DJing straight after high school. “Ultimately, I just wanted to make beats. I had no mentors or anyone at all that could teach me, so I bought myself an MPC 2000 and taught myself how to sample. It wasn't until I was taking a music program at the community college that I discovered my love for the piano. Before that moment I didn't even know what Middle C was on a piano.”

Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as J.Dilla and Bjork, to Stevie Wonder and Betty Davis, the duo quickly caught the attention of DeVon Manier, President of Seattle based indie Hip Hop label Sportn’ Life Music Group. Together, the two entities partnered to re-release the debut album as a joint effort, and currently have an ongoing management relationship with the band. 

Behind the funk heavy basslines of opening track, “Piece of Me,” Adra explains that there’s more to the duo than meets the eye. “It’s the story of wanting to be seen and understood to the core, not just visually on the surface,” a perfect pretense to the following tracks, that flow to the Daft Punk-esque sounds of the electronically driven harmonies of, “DNA,” and the hip hop aesthetics of “Step Hard.” A flagrant not to the duos eccentric influence, Unfinished Business showcase Fly Moon Royalty’s strength in their familiar, yet in no way traditional approach to music.

Sounds They Like:
J.Dilla, Janele Monae, Bjork, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

PechaKucha Night - Vol 12 - Food

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PechaKucha Night - SLC vol. 12
Sunday, September 28th

Publik Coffee Roasters - 975 S. West Temple
event starts at 4:00pm Presenters @ 5.00pm


  • Viet Pham - Chef and Restaurateur
  • Amy Eldredge - Bartending Consultant
  • Darby Moore Doyle - A Bourbon Gal 
  • Matthew Allred - Epic Brewing  
  • Grace Henley - New Roots Refugee Garden
  • “Hoss” Chad Forrest - Hoss on Hops
  • SuAn Chow - Chow Truck
  • Dylan Sands - Publik Coffee
  • Erik Ostling - Partner, Beehive Distilling
  • Vanessa Chang - Food Nerd - Consultant - Writer
  • Lavanya Mahate - Saffron Valley

PechaKucha Night - SLC together with SLC Bites, Vanessa Chang and Chantelle Bourdeaux, have brought together a group of presenters that cuts a swath through the culinary, food, and drink specialist of Salt Lake City.

This has been an event long in planning and we are excited to have a great line-up of presenters. There will be food trucks in the parking lot, coffee by Publik (of course), pastries, and drinks! Think of it like an intimate block party with PechaKucha presentations to cap it all off!

You must RSVP for this private event and seating is limited to register early!

PechaKucha Night, a global event, is based on the 20x20 presentation format. A group of presenters are all asked to give a presentation of 20 slides that are each shown for 20 seconds. A total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This keeps the energy up and the interest level high.

A Visionary Art Environment

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In a state full of magnificent strangeness, Gilgal Garden is a likely contender for crown jewel. It is a local treasure that we Salt Laker's grew up hearing about or discovering at random. Myself in the early 90's, sneaking in over the fence one night with my x-wife's older brother from the above parking lot which was sandwiched between a Wonder Bread factory and a Chuck-A-Rama buffet. The garden and sculptures, built by a crazed religious stonemason were overgrown and badly in need of repair. It wasn't until a Canadian company tried to buy the property for a condo development that the local arts community, the city fought to preserve it. The Mormon church even threw in a chunk of change. It's now a beautifully manicured Utah state park, full of magnificent strangeness.

From Wikipedia: The Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a small public city park, located at 749 East 500 South in Salt Lake City, UtahUnited States. The park, which is filled with unusual symbolic statuary associated with Mormonism, notably to the Sphinx with Joseph Smith's head, was a labor of love designed and created by LDS businessman Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. (1888-1963) in his spare time. The park contains 12 original sculptures and over 70 stones engraved with scriptures, poems and literary texts. Gilgal Sculpture Garden is the only designated "visionary art environment" in the state of Utah.

To learn more and to become a 'Friend of Gilgal Garden', visit the official website at

Control Room Video/Audio

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Throwback Thursday: The Globe Cafe By Moonlight

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Where Cindy Lee asian cafe sits today on Main Street once lived a fairly amazing restaurant called The Globe Cafe. I used to DJ there around the turn of the century before moving to the Red Door. I'm not sure who took the above photo (please tell me if you know...) but it came to light on an old hard drive and is bringing back some great memories. One might argue that bits of our current dining scene's stardust could be traced back to the Globe's big bang of ahead-of-it's-time food by chefs Adam Kreitzel, Joe DiMeo and others. The Globes owners, management and staff were always so fun to be around which made it feel like family. I hope they know what an impact they made. 

Promised Valley Playhouse

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From recent late night wanderings near 132 South State Street. Promised Valley Playhouse (...Orpheum Theatre, Casino Theatre, Wilkes Theatre, Playhouse, Roxy Theatre, Lake Theatre, Lyric Theater). Status: Demolished.

Did you know there's an website dedicated to all Utah theaters, open or closed from the beginning of time?

Control Room 002

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Info on a great party coming up...


Quality Control  is ready to go LIVE once again from the CONTROL ROOM...with a fresh set of PROPER SLC DJS prepared to bring you the HIGHTEST QUALITY House & Tech.

We'd like to formally invite you to join in on the movement. 
Prepare for a night unlike any other Utah has to offer...

Salt Lake City. Let's Dance. Quality Is In The Details...


Ticket: FREE before 11 PM | $10 Donation after 11 PM 
No Ticket/RSVP: $10 before 11 PM | $20 after 11 PM


Your Control Room Lineup...


Streamed LIVE via...
> Facebook Event Page < 


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2013 Clif Bar Psicobloc Masters Series Competition (Photo: Beau Kahler)

2013 Clif Bar Psicobloc Masters Series Competition (Photo: Beau Kahler)

Psicobloc (Spanish for “crazy bouldering,” or what is commonly referred to as “deep-water soloing”) is a form of solo climbing over a (deep) body of water and is undoubtedly one of the most unique and purest forms of climbing. Elite climbers like Chris Sharma make regular pilgrimages to exotic locales like Mallorca to push the envelope of technical climbing and experience the special challenge afforded by Psicobloc. 

Now in it's second year the 
Psicobloc Masters Series is split across three days from August 6 – 8, 2014 with Finals rounds being held on August 7th and 8th respectively at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, UT. Last year’s competition drew an estimated crowd of over 5,000 spectators to the event, and over 50,000 viewers watching the live stream and the event re-broadcast. This year’s competition will again feature a men’s and women’s division, and will be in the style of a “duel”, where competitors race head-to-head on identical routes, with the highest or first to the top advancing to the next round. The competition wall, designed by Walltopia, reaches over 50 feet above the pool and overhangs roughly 25 feet. The climbers use no ropes or harnesses, creating a thrilling plunge into the water below if they fall.

Guest DJ's JESSE WALKER & HOT NOISE will be providing sonic disruption on the final night of August 8th from 6-12pm.

Tickets are on sale now at:

$25 Bronze Level Seats
$50 Silver Level Seats
$100 Gold Level Seats

More info:

C. G. Sparks, a sensory-rich shopping experience in Salt Lake City’s Warehouse District

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My tangential connection to C.G. Sparks goes back to it's infancy as a catering/production company started by Chrisanne Olsen and Gary Vlasic, who lent their initials "C.G." to the name. Through their travels abroad, specifically to India, the company divined it's true calling sourcing antiques, objets d'art and beautiful custom-made reclaimed furniture.

Now, more than a decade later, C.G. Sparks is still rocking the imported goodness here in Salt Lake and humming exquisitely under the direction of owner Michael Hennessey and his team of "design-obsessed" individuals, including business manager Brandalynn Davis and art director Frederick Vaughn Robison (to mention a few of my friends). Together, they provide an embarrassment of talent which is poured seasonally into their 13,000 square-foot showroom and equally impressive online presence, turning C.G. Sparks into less of a furniture store and more a full-on sensory, travel experience.

C.G. Sparks
454 SOUTH 500 WEST 
tel. 801.519.6900 
M-F 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. 
SAT 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Salt Lake One Of 'America's 5 New Foodie Cities' – Wine Enthusiast

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Wine Enthusiast –

You can find uni butter in any backwoods burg these days. However, some unexpected cities are becoming gastro destinations, seizing upon local products and traditions. And where great food lives, great wine service follows, even though these restaurants haven’t made our 100 Best list this year. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as culinary capital? Read on. —Nils Bernstein and Alexis Korman

Even Stevens, A Sandwich Shop With A Cause

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Even Stevens is the new sandwich shop with a cause, opened by Utahn Steve Down, with an A-Team of community minded people including Karen Olson, Jamie Coates, Jason Dreelin, Trevor Down, and Sara Day. For every sandwich they sell, they donate one (or equivalent supplies to make sammy's) to a local non-profit partner. Kind of a Tom's shoes model for food but on a local level. To start they are currently giving to the Good Samaritan Program, the Rescue Mission, Volunteer's of America Homeless Youth Outreach and the YWCA.

Steve's eye-popping, rustic interior is over the top awesomeness. A massive Trent Call mural by the entrance takes your eye up to a beautiful reclaimed wood ceiling Karen says they scavenged from all over the valley. A 'big ass fan' hovers over a planter festooned poof, surrounded by wood tables with bright yellow chairs. Those bicycle wheel light fixtures by Brett Millet are pretty neat as well. A lot of effort with into this 'not just another sandwich shop'. The sandwiches themselves most definitely deliver the goods. I had the 'Turkey Day' which is an homage to Thanksgiving. Turkey breast, provolone cheese, cucumbers, cranberry jalapeño jelly and slow roasted tomatoes on French artisan bread. Delicious! Usually bread is the looser in sandwichville, but what Even Stevens are using will bring a single perfect tear to your eye. The ruben is another popular item which I look forward to checking off my list. They carry a nice selection of beer and have been playing the World Cup games as well. Could be a great place to catch one over lunch this month. Have you been to Even Stevens yet? What do you think?
200 South 414 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
8:00am - 10:00pm
(801) 727-7234


Utah may not “constitutionally deny a citizen the benefit or protection of the laws of the State based solely upon the sex of the person that citizen chooses to marry.”

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Wonderful news today with a decision (finally) from the 10th Circuit Court in Denver striking down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban! I heard the breaking news on KRCL this morning while I was brushing my teeth and nearly spit out my toothpaste. Now following more closely with Fox 13's Ben Winslow. Here's the gist of todays decision:

Fox 13 News | SALT LAKE CITY — A federal appeals court has overturned Utah’s Amendment 3, which defined marriage as solely between a man and a woman.

In a ruling just handed down, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Utah may not “constitutionally deny a citizen the benefit or protection of the laws of the State based solely upon the sex of the person that citizen chooses to marry.”

The court also decided to stay their mandate pending an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. In other words, same-sex marriages in Utah will not begin right away.  The Supreme Court will first decide whether or not to hear the case.  If they decide not to, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling will stand.

There's going to be a huge rally for equality tonight at City Creek Park to celebrate with all the organizations who've made this possible, hosted by Utah Unites for Marriage:

WHO: You, your family and friends!
WHERE: City Creek Park 110 N State St Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
WHEN: 7 PM on the day the 10th Circuit rules

Salt Lake City: Insider's Guide, OUT Traveler

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Evan Lewandowski, sommelier at Pago restaurant, Adam Sklute, artistic director of Ballet West and myself gave OUT Traveler our tips on navigating Salt Lake City for their recent Insider's Guide by Nate Zubal. Nate also touches on SLC nightlife, where to stay, eat and what to do practically year-round. Here's an excerpt:

Salt Lake City: Insider's Guide

5.11.2014  |  BY NATE ZUBAL

We asked some of the numerous LGBT professionals and business owners of Salt Lake City for the inside scoop on their city. 

Jesse Walker, DJ at Zest Bar:

What is gay nightlife like in Salt Lake?
There’s a bit of something for everyone. While we have your more traditional gay bars like Jam, Try-Angles, Sun Trapp, Metro and the Paper Moon, you’ll find that all of our hip(ster) spots are basically overly tolerant of gay/straight/etc. people, from our many diverse brewpubs (Squatters, for instance) right down to the edge-of-town rockabilly road house, The Garage. Basically, if you drink coffee or alcohol, there’s a good chance you’re standing in a room full of liberal-minded folks looking for other liberal minded people. Some of my regular haunts are Zest (vegan kitchen/dance club), Urban Lounge (college/indie music with a stellar lineup weekly), Bar X (craft cocktails by extremely talented bartenders, part-owned by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell). Amazing restaurants and coffee shops, of which there are many, pick up the slack with a fantastic food revolution happening here over the past five years.

What is one misconception about Salt Lake City that you'd like to disprove?
We are not all Mormons, or Republicans. Not all of us ski. Salt Lake proper is truly progressive in its history and culture. Mostly stemming from the often ridiculous fight for our right to party, or marry for instance, vs. the Utah Legislature.

What is one thing out-of-towners should know about your city?
While things may seem ordinary on the surface, there’s more to see and experience once you find the rhythm of the city and its inhabitants. We absolutely love visitors and because of our location between the East/West coasts are accustomed to opening up and being good hosts. Part of what makes living here truly worthwhile is the genuine sense of community and authenticity you find in people. The cost of living doesn’t hurt either. There’s an unabashed hunger for what’s next. Occasionally you have to invent it, but that’s the pioneer spirit. It’s also why thousands of people show up for our Pride weekend, our Twilight Summer Concert series, Downtown Farmers Markets, our world-renowned ballet, dance and opera companies, and annual film festivals.

Read the rest at