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Bunny Hop Triumphs Again

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Photos and video from Sunday's miraculous 'Bunny Hop' fundraiser at The Garage... WOW!

YouTube playlist (4 videos)

Guys... Guys, Can you believe we raised $1500 for Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center this Easter? Simply amazing!

We couldn't have done it without all of your heavenly bodies showing up with loads of love and energy for our 4th year in a row, so THANK YOU from the deepest part of me and the crew at The Garage (Bob, Marsha, all... you're tremendous). I also need to congratulate the following sponsors, DJ's and helper bunnies for making the Hop come together behind the scenes and on the day of the event:

Ron Green / The Green Ant
Michael Templeman / Tomorrow’s House
Josh Wheatley / Urban Vintage SLC
Cody Derrick & Amy Tibbals / cityhome Collective
Karamea Puriri / SLUG Magazine & KRCL
Angela H. Brown and the Slug Magazine team
Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory
Stoneground Kitchen
Diabolical Records
Barber Kit Stiefel

Denise Cartwright Organics
+ Justin Godina (Mixer Donation)
+ Dan Rivers (Professional Egg Hider)
+ Tatiana Subbotin (Caffeine / Moral Support)
+ Philip Gunderson (Floral Tie Furnishings)
+ Lee Croy (8 hr. layover surprise visit from Portland)
+ The Dancers ( know who you are)

Last but not least a huge hunk of burnin' love goes out to our DJ’s for providing the perfect soundtrack, THANK YOU again:  John Peppinger / Megan Harker Moak / Heather Gaither / Jesse Stewart / James Ramirez / Justin Godina / DJ Finale Grand / Sam "Feral Cat" Stinson

Ready, Set...The Time is NOW

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Proposed set design for FEAST at The Great Saltair by Nathan Webster + Gary Vlasic.

Proposed set design for FEAST at The Great Saltair by Nathan Webster + Gary Vlasic.

Hey Pals,

If you are considering or are intending to attend FEAST, we'd love, love love for you to buy your ticket now, here, or before April 21, 2014 11:59pm PT at the latest. If you enjoyed our last production, The Wedding, we know that FEAST will blow you away.

The support we've received thus far has been incredible, (we're one of the top funded dance companies on Kickstarter and now Indiegogo...) but we still need your help to materialize our vision. With only 3 days left, we want to reach a financial goal that will enable us to cover our fixed costs, a minimum of $16,000. From this point on, that's just over $1000 a day which, with your help, we know we can do. The best part is that your donation is more than a donation - you get stuff for helping us create this! All you need to do is: 

The point is, no matter what, YOU can help us get there, and the time is NOW. Every bit helps. $5, $50, $500... JOIN US for a meaningful, resonant, and mythic evening and... THANK YOU!

> INVEST in 'FEAST', today <

'FEAST' Fundraising In Final Week, Get Tickets Soon!

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Dear friends and supporters of the arts, NOW-ID is approaching the final week of our Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming FEAST, to be held at Saltair on May 24th. The work has begun and we're feeling immensely grateful for the support we've received. So far, we've raised $8,000+ of our goal towards supporting artists and infrastructure for the performance, about half of our bare-bones budget... but we could use your help, and soon!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our Indiegogo pagethis is the time to make a difference:


Together, we can push ‘FEAST' over the edge. We all did it last year with 'The Wedding', and we plan to make this project equally amazing.

Simple, affordable event tickets are available now on Indiegogo - JOIN me and the brilliant team at NOW-ID (on the 'Fun Bus' if you can...) for an entertaining, meaningful, and mythical evening.

All our love and appreciation,


p.s. Share FEAST with your friends and family. We need eyeballs and enthusiasm!

Chalk Garden Co-Op

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The Chalk Garden Co-Op on the corner of 74 S. Main St. and 100 S. has some nice spring stock in for men and women including Rag & BoneLevi's Made & Crafted and Adriano Goldschmied and a fun assortment of socks and bow ties. My gang and I stopped in yesterday and found some perfect pieces for the upcoming Bunny Hop this Easter Sunday.

While the prices are a little high, you get what you pay for in excellent service and personal attention. The renovation of the historic Crandall Building is also pretty cool. You've gotta love those old bank vault dressing rooms, something Urban Outfitters can't make out of plywood. 

Become One In A Million

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145Fund.Org is helping to create marriage equality $5 at a time, by making it easy for people like YOU to become part of the change. It's as simple as texting short code "145fund" to 50155 or clicking the donate link link at 145Fund.Org.

145 is a grass roots funding campaign of Restore Our Humanity, the group creating marriage equality in Utah. Our case has a good chance of creating a national impact for equal marriage rights, but it's going to take a lot of financial support to make this possible. With nearly 314 million people in the United States, we're looking for the support of only a fraction of you to help make marriage equality a reality. Become one in a million, donate today.

“Restore Our Humanity is a small group of everyday citizens who saw a wrong that needed to be righted,” said Mark Lawrence, the volunteer Director of Restore Our Humanity. “Now we’re asking for our fellow citizens, in Utah and throughout the country, to help us see this through to victory. For just $5, everyone can become part of this historic change.”

Modern West Fine Art Gallery

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Multipurpose 'Swivel Desk' (click to enlarge)

Custom Branch Chandelier (click to enlarge)

Before (click to enlarge)

After (click to enlarge)

Our dear Mark Hofeling, in partnership with Greg Walker (WOW Atelier) and Linda Johnson delivered this stunning fine art gallery design and build-out for clients Diane Stewart and Donna Poulton in just 25 working days! The 'lickable' (as Mark puts it...) hand-stained hickory herringbone turquoise floor is a showstopper with support from custom pieces including a multipurpose swivel desk, rolling art storage walls, a chesterfield style couch, modular benches, stools and a beautiful branch chandelier. View images of the entire space at and visit the gallery in person at 177 East 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hours of business and more information at

4th Annual "Bunny Hop" Benefit Brunch at The Garage, Easter Sunday

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Couldn't be more excited for our upcoming 4th Annual "Bunny Hop" coming up on Easter Sunday. Thank you to SLUG, KRCL for coming on board, The Garage for hosting us again, and to all the DJ's and sponsors who are making this special 4/20 edition possible (random luck...?). This is without a doubt, one of the best parties of the year. Come early or be the reinforcements later in the day, the fun never stops!!! Details below. Event page here.


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – March 20, 2014 – On Sunday, April 20th, The Garage on Beck Street will host Jesse Walker’s 4th Annual ‘Bunny Hop,’ which includes DJ’s playing vinyl records, a charity raffle and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! Great prizes, an all-day egg hunt, games and a special drinks-and-brunch menu will be part of the festivities.

The day-long ‘hop’, which attracts a hip, alternative crowd ranging in age and identity, will this year benefit the Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center. This now yearly tradition of community interaction and goodwill helps attendees release a healthy dose of spring fever.

Date is Sunday, April 20th
Location: The Garage, 1199 Beck St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Event Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Donation: $5.00 per person
(Each admission includes a lollipop with charity raffle / Many egg-hunt items contain special prizes) 
Charity raffles & donations go to: Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center.
The Easter Bunny will be there!

DJ Lineup (in order of play):

About the Egg Hunt and Raffle Prizes:
Hundreds of eggs which can be found throughout the day are stuffed with candy and prizes from area sponsors and retail participants including The Garage and Stoneground restaurants! Additional lollipop/raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each. The proceeds from those donations go to the Volunteers of America, Utah - Homeless Youth Resource Center. Chosen because of their commitment to serving homeless street youth through their outreach programs, drop-in center and young men’s and women’s transition homes.

Thank You to Our Sponsors:

Get The Balance Right

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I had desired to attend the launch party for Revolv #4, but was double booked that night. So I was slightly shocked, yet happy to pay actual money for the local mag yesterday to make up for it.

Asking for money. What, are they crazy? In actuality, that's a bold move for Revolv to seize this particular tipping point in SLC street culture to not only a.) respect their work, process and product up to now, but to also b.) deem it worthy of purchase, downright demand it.

Something about that transaction made me feel good. And not just because our hometown hero artisté Dan Christofferson was inked forever on it's toothy paper. But because it shows Salt Lake in it's best 'now' light and therefore is worth it. I imagined some enlightened young person picking up Revolv in a Berlin shop and wondering why the fuck they've never considered the scene Utah. I got my copy at the fantastic FICE Gallery & Boutique. You want to go to there.

NOW-ID "Feast" Indiegogo Launch Party, Thursday at Stoneground

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Thursday, March 27 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm (afterwork) 
Stoneground SLC 249 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Join NOW-ID at Stoneground in downtown Salt Lake to celebrate the launch of our Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming interdisciplinary project, FEAST – a one-night only performance and celebration of all things artistically consuming, to take place at The Great Saltair on May 24, 2014.
Enjoy free pizza appetizers, have a beer and meet the people involved, and help raise awareness and cash for this delectable new project.

>  directions / information  <

More information about the project:  

Founded in 2013 by Choreographer Charlotte Boye-Christensen and Architect Nathan Webster, NOW-ID is a performing arts and design company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both internationally positioned and reflecting the unique beauty and culture of its western base, the name/logo/brand NOW functions as mission statement and mantra that reflects the company’s commitment to constant renewal and the space of engagement when creating or viewing art. The company is a framework for collaboration between local, national and international artists, designers and thinkers.

Following the highly acclaimed first performance The Wedding, NOW continues its exploration of place and turns its gaze toward the surreal and salty remains of prehistoric Lake Bonneville and the Great Saltair. FEAST will be an immersive experience for the audience, layering dance, theater, live music and design.

Once again, NOW-ID is gathering a collaborative force of local and international creative artists.  Returning collaborators include Salt Lake dancer Jo Blake and Chicago’s Joffery Ballet’s Yumelia Garcia. New collaborators include actors Alexandra Harbold and Robert Scott Smith, co-founders of Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory; New York dancer, teacher, and choreographer Jenn Freeman; and Danish composer and musician Jesper Egelund Pedersen.

With FEAST, NOW-ID renews its commitment to the exploration of place by turning its focus to Utah's austere, unique, and iconic landscape. 

FEAST will be a celebration of the place and time in which we live, and the stories that reside here, ultimately on the bed of an ancient, former inland sea.  We see the ancient lake bed as our table, and are setting it with performers and audience, for one evening... one moment in an ongoing story. FEAST speaks to palates and appetites, hunger and satiation, tradition and experimentation, shared customs and the private experience. FEAST will be a celebration of the senses, of thresholds and of human gathering.

Through dance, theater, music and installation, we will explore together the possibility of clean slate and pause amongst history and decadence. In body and sense, we will offer a haunting and primal human beauty.

Exclusive Supersonic DJ Set for Soundcloud Followers

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Exclusive access to my recent DJ set at SUPERSONIC SUPPERCLUB can be yours if you're following me on Soundcloud. What? Don't have an account? It's free, silly! So get one and hit me up at: (p.s. you won't see the audio file until you follow and I add you) Then, enjoy the deep n' sunny underground sound of Salt Lake City, ...very loudly I hope.

*No computers were harmed in the making of this recording.


1. I Found You / Daniel Kyo, 2. Prostokaty (Feat. Catz 'n Dogz) / Slg, 3. All About The 90s / Gilbert Le Funk, 4. Can't Keep Rhythm from a Dancer (Miguel Migs Deep Dub) / Tortured Soul, 5. Heat Division (Tim Goldsworthy Remix Instrumental) / Dauwd, 6. Players Theme / Rick Wade, 7. Spring Jamz (Jonene's Sxsw Hot Mess of Disco Gloriousness) / J. Lettow, 8. I Wanna Know (Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix) / David Glass, 9. Crystalised (Director's Cut Signature Mix) / Art Department pres. Martina Topley Bird, Mark Lanegan and Warpaint, 10. Orlando (Ooft! Dub) / CKSNL, 11. Trust (Motor City Drum Ensemble Deep Mix) / Romanthony, 12. From The Inside (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) / Chasing Kurt, 13. Don't Rain On My Parade / HearThuG, 14. Get On Up, Get On Down (Joey Negro Revibe) / Roy Ayers, 15. Groovejet (Re-Issue) / Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Marc Fisher, 16. Hallelujah (Robosonic Remix) / Kerri Chandler, 17. Candle Coast / Crackazat, 18. It's Not Enough feat. Janai / Dusky, Janai, 19. Moondancer / Denney, 20. F FOR U (Roy Davis Jr. Remix - EXCLUSIVE) / Disclosure, 21. 4000 Miles feat. DMS12 & Damon C Scott / Oscar G, 22. Back to My Roots (Original Bootleg Mix ) / Gianni Bini, 23. Always (Reagan Grey Remix) / Hackman, 24. Ministry of Love (Kevin Mckay 90s Edit) / Romanthony, 25. 'Lover Lover Lover' (Mickey Edit) / Leonard Cohen


Inside and Out of Utah, CUAC Juried Show Connects Curators and Artists

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Public reception and award ceremony: 6-9pm Friday, March 21.
Juror's awards to be announced at the opening.
Exhibition runs 3/21-4/12

CUAC offers an annual juried exhibition called Utah Ties for artists who are living in Utah, living outside of Utah, but are from Utah, or who have spent time as students or professionally in Utah. There will be awards totaling $1,000 given to juror’s selections in the show.
The purpose of the show is to help Utah artists gain exposure in Utah and also to the outside art community by being exposed to a juror who operates a commercial gallery outside of Utah.
This year’s Juror is gallerist Adam Gildar of Gildar Gallery in Denver. Gildar Gallery is one of the most progressive contemporary art galleries in Denver. Gildar is also the director of Art Plant, a residency for professional artists with the purpose of connecting curators and artists to the Denver art community.

Out of 550+ works submitted, here are the selections of our juror Adam Gildar for the 2014 Utah Ties Exhibition:

Thomas Aguila  //  Paige Anderson  //  Christine Baczek  //  Daniel Barney  //  Shawn Bitters  //  Pam Bowman  //  Erik Brunvand  //  Sandy Brunvand  //  Ai Childress  //  Maddison Colvin  //  Erik Dalzen  //  Cara Despain  //  Jenna Douglass  //  Daniel Everett  //  Peter Everett  //  Jonathan  //  Frioux  //  Todd Hayes  //  Noah Jackson  //  Holly Jarvis  //  Brooklynn Johnson  //  Kyle Jorgenson  //  Emily Fox King  //  Matt Kruback  //  Shasta Krueger  //  Tatiana Larson  //  Camilia Lund  //  Anna Laurie Mackay  //  Jason Manley  //  Edward Mckenna  //  Sean Moyer  //  Alanna Norman  //  John O’Connell  //  Andrew Perkins  //  Gian Pierotti  //  Alexandra Reintjes  //  Rachel Rigley  //  David Ruhlman  //  Ryan Saunders  //  Casey Jex Smith  //  Alex Stevens  //  Roland Thompson  //  Marcela Torres  //  Brian Tuttle  //  Daniele Vickers  //  Jerrin Wagstaff  //  Morganne Wakefield  //  Justin Watson  //  Claire Wilson  //  Laura Sharp Wilson  //  Lindsey Winkel  //  David Wolske  //  Laura Zundel

More information at

DYC you PYT's

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Le Red Door has a new Sunday Night house party called "Dance Yourself Clean" that kicked off last night. If it weren't for my front-loaded weekend I could have been there to see some of my favorite new DJ's Bello and resident Hot Noise spinning deep house. This handbill has the info for upcoming shows in March. Yours truly is booked on April 10th.

Doors open at 8. The cleansing commences at 9p. Free Entry | 21+ Event.

The Red Door
57 W 200 S
Salt Lake City, UT

More info:

Snowmine / Small Black, April 1

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Small Black

Small Black

Snowmine has been making some pretty music in the vein of Grizzly Bear and Local Natives. Preview their new album Dialects (play video) and then catch them live at Kilby Court with one of Brooklyn's other notable indie acts Small Black on 4/1 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court. Tickets here.

Press Release:

Snowmine are set to release their new album - Dialects - through their own imprint Mystery Buildings. Dialects, Snowmine’s second album in their three year history, was entirely written and produced on their own, and recorded by Jake Aron (Grizzly Bear), and Yale Yng Wong (Here We Go Magic) in a church in Uptown Manhattan.

The album chronicles a disoriented period in singer Grayson Sanders’ life, when after the band’s first record, he spontaneously left his job, and spent the following year wandering with a single bag. The lyrics are pulled entirely from the journal he kept during his travels.

Dialects is about communication: With the self, With the lover, With society. It’s about its breakdown, it’s triumphs, and it’s misgivings. Growing off of the band’s previous release, Laminate Pet Animal, Dialects marks a subtle shift in the band’s sound. From the optimistic, tribal undertones of Laminate Pet Animal, to a more ambient, meditative nostalgia.

Recording in a church afforded them the opportunity to record real reverbs, and gather true ambiances one can feel in their headphones. Combine a stronger presence of vintage synthesizers with the beautiful 1960’s cinema-inspired string, woodwind, and choir orchestrations, and you are left with a surreal retro-futurism beckoning you inside for a fireside chat.