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Ready or Not... Here is comes!

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As described on their website,  "PrepperCon is the premier event for Preppers of any age or experience.  Not only do we showcase the Prepper Lifestyle, but we combine the best of entertainment, emergency preparedness, gun shows, off-grid living and survival into one incredible experience.  Come see local and international celebrities in the Prepper World.  We'll have stars from Doomsday Preppers and other hit reality and scripted shows.  We'll hold live demonstrations, survival food cooking contests, prizes, and a diverse lineup of amazing people, and even geek-out events like our Zombie and Post-Apocolyptic costume contest.

At PrepperCon you'll find incredible entertainment, cutting-edge gadgets, training and networking opportunities, prepping fundamentals, self-defense and home security, survival gear, food storage, first aid supplies, emergency and disaster response resources, and an unbelievable experience for you, your family, and community."