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Johnny Peppinger makes old records sound new again.

Hailing from the high desert plains of Wyoming, Johnny Peppinger has blazed his own path of musical taste and expression in genre’s focused on lounge. New and old, Johnny’s love for lounge has always been the soundtrack to his life. While attending college, Johnny started to build on the small record collection given to him by his grandfather that focused on crooners and Exotica. While developing a love for all things 50s and 60s Jazz, Johnny’s tastes blossomed with the discovery of the AIR album, Moon Safari, and the classic St. Germain album, Tourist. These albums bridged Jazz and electronic music and changed Johnny’s life forever. Most Sundays, you can find Johnny playing records from his Jazz collection at Whiskey Street in Downtown SLC during brunch and recently at what has been on many people's radar as a top bar in the country, in Las Vegas's Chinatown, the one and only, Golden Tiki.

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