NO Having Fun


What a wonderful few days it's been for squares in Utah. First a huge rave gets busted on Saturday by what appeared to be a fully loaded S.W.A.T. team in the area of Spanish Fork Canyon. The promoters claim they had permits and it was %100 legal but you have to assume the cops knew it would be an easy bust for them. What's a few broken teenagers ribs in the name of "saving the children"? This video shows just how alarming the scene must have been.

Then today (Monday), the ever loveable George Bush flew into town on the wings of his new 36% approval rating, a new low, to speak at a VFW Conference. Our own mayor Rock Anderson spoke to the VFW before Bush as well at the sizeable antiwar rally in downtown Pioneer park. Not a good sign when you come to the reddest state looking for war support and the mayor of the city your visiting disses you on his own turf!

I was down there around 12pm and took this little quicktime video from my phone.

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