Athiests Rule & Halloween Sucks

Halloween was, well... strange. And as it shoud be I figure.

The deal with my gig last night was that the mayor, who I like in principal, didn't even show up to his own fundraiser! I'm well aware that he's quite the party monster, and I still agree with most of his politics, (i.e. virulently antiwar, partnership benefits for all city employees...radical ideas for a place like SLC) but, talk about a R-A-N-D-O-M night.

The venue was excellent (the Nouveaux Alt Store in Art Space) and everyone involved practially lost sleep trying to get it set up... but in the end, no one even showed up... including the honorable MAYOR ROCKY ANDERSON, who's name was all over the poster!

I could care less really, I had a decent time playing for some close friends that made it out. It's just too bad when an event has so much potential and then it flops all over the place. On top of that, Halloween always seems to be rife with drunked up middle management types who wander through parties and clubs thinking that by donning a costume or mask of some kind they have every right to act all nutballs and take zero responsibilty for themselves.

Note to future self: Avoid Halloween at all costs.

Anyways... I was reading the local paper at a cafe on Sunday morning and thought it was a funny coincidence that they saved the entire Op-Ed page for some Satan loving Athiests. In particular, this local resident and seemingly moral person put into print what I have thought for years on the issue of being one in Utah.

Salt Lake CityJesse Walker