Tracklist For Jesse Walker ALIVE IN 2005

For anyone who might be coming this way via the mix CD's that are floating about... The mix was recorded live at our weekly House party JUST WANNA DANCE on November TwentySecondnd 2005 (hence the title ALIVE IN 2005). It's the later half of my set which drifted from Deep to Soulful to Clubby to Tech to Broken Beat and Latin HOUSE. Yes... that sounds strange but it was an incredible night with friends and somehow it all worked out quite wonderfully. Variety is the spice of life, is it not? Anyways, here's some MP3 artwork and the Tracklist for any trainspotters. We should get around to posting it to download here soon.



1. Till I See The Sun (Fanatix Remixes) (Fanatix Vocal)
by DJ Jorj feat. Carmen Hendricks [Curious]

2. A Better Love (Dave Spoon Remix)
by Sueno Soul [Stealth Records]

3. The Jimmy Jam (Joey's Heat Index Remix)
by Chris Grant [Jackin Tracks]

4. Subject Of My Affection (Original Vibe)
by Audiowhores feat. Alexis Hall [Soulfuric Deep]

5. Shovell vs Imaani (Solid State Mix)
by Solid State [White]

6. Semitone Shuffle (Dibaba's 7th Wave Remix)
by Martin Brodin [Deplay Soultec]

7. Let's Be Young (Julien Jabre Mix)
by Quentin Harris [NRK]

8. Be My Friend (Michael Gray Remix)
by Scape feat. D'Empress [Soul Love]

9. Hung Up (Stuart Price Extended Remix Dub)
by Madonna [Warner Bros.]

10. Shimmering Stars (Joey Negro Medusa Re-Edit)
by Jakatta [Z Records]

11. Timewarp (Beat Pharmacy Remix)
by Pete Heller [Wave Records]

12. Son Of Raw
by Dennis Ferrer [Ibadan]

13. New Music (Gucciman's New Music Remix)
by Truby Trio [Compost]

14. In the Mourning (Faze Beats)
by Jafrosax feat Jafrosax feat. Victor Duplaix [Pantone]

15. Forever More (2005 btleg mix)
by Balearic Soul [White]

16. My Beat (S.U.M.O. Rebounce)
by Blaze [Heya Hifi]

17. Rush On
by Stranger and Shortbus [Dis-Joint]

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