Black Chandelier Cake Walk This Friday


A fun way to start your weekend might be to bake a cake and go to the Cakewalk with the Misfit Toys at Black Chandelier this Friday Dec. 16th!

Where: The Black Chandelier store in Trolley Square

Time: 8:00 Cake check-in & Interim music by the Misfit toys, 8:30 Round 1, 9:00 Round 2

Bring a cake! $50 store gift certificate for the most outrageous cake! Free Hot Coca will be served. (Cake not required for participation, but appreciated.)

Come get something improbable for that someone impossible on your list! Special sales and exciting new products throughout the whole store!

About the Misfit Toys:
Featuring the sterling voice of the world renowned Susan Naud as the lead vocalist, and the reckless genius of band leader Jared Gold, the Misfit Toys never fail to mesmerize and confuse audiences. The Misfit toys play Christmas carols, mangled operas, and twisted children's tunes all on toy instruments.

Instruments include: A tiny drum set, a Stradivarius toy piano, a candy striped Theremin, a diminutive guitar, music boxes, bells, whistles, kazoos, and countless other contraptions!

[More at Black Chandelier]

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