Sundance Expands To Downtown Salt Lake City


From Indiewire– "In an effort to increase the presence of the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, UT, organizers have announced that they will launch a new 'Festival District' in the city's downtown area at the upcoming event. The new site will be anchored by two movie theaters that will present two screenings each weeknight of the festival (January 19 - 29, 2006) and a full program of showings on the weekend. Festival organizers said in a statement Friday that they are responding to growing local interest in the event.

'Our goal is to create a unique Sundance experience for our local patrons, similar to that in Park City, and to build on the screenings we've been presenting there the past 3 years,' said Jill Miller, Managing Director of the Sundance Institute, in a statement.

The Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center and the Broadway Center Cinemas will be the city's anchor venues for the Salt Lake City portion of the festival. A larger number of nightly screenings will also take place at the Tower Theater, expanding from one to three per evening."

Salt Lake CityJesse Walker