Positive Feedback

I don't mean to go overboard but I've been surprisingly overwhelmed by the wave of support we got this past Saturday night and thereafter. I want to share some of the thoughtful comments we recieved since then:

"Wicked set Saturday night! Loving the minimal vocal (but just the right amount), deep driving vibes!" – Andy

"I can't find the words in all the languages I can speak how grateful I am for the amazing party you and Nick provided Saturday night. You both managed to resurrect a magical vibe and groove that a lot of us old school gals haven't experienced in years! The whole party reminded me of old "Play School" days, and the former owner of play school aka Greg Bishop (who couldn't stop dancing all night) is in total agreeance. Although I'm still fucking sore from head to toe, it was all worth it. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Jesse from the bottom of my heart. I'm beyond excited for what you both will bring to future parties. please keep up the good work!" – Leroy!

"Just wanted to tell you again how fabulous JWD was this weekend. The music was perfect and the energy was great. Your love and hospitality always amazes us. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful night; it's been awhile since we had so much fun." – Jocelyn

"Hi there... You guys' recent set @ the W Lounge was top-notch! Absolutely incredible. I really think that you guys are doing something here that alot of people want and are looking for, but can't quite put there finger on it until they experience it. I'm a big fan of you guys' style and how ALL the tracks you laid down are... well, just good music. Keep Up the good work. ...See u 'round!" – Tommy

"Hey Guys, Just dropping by to say you are doing the best thing in the city." – Leo

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