Project Runway Finale... Gets Closer


The finale of Project Runway 2 is not tonight as I had anticipated but will be shown in two halfs airing on March 1st and 8th. Ughhhh! All we know about tonight's episode is that the remaining four designers will have to design an evening dress for a superperson/model, and whoever is left will be in the Final Three.

We know that the NY Fashion Week show actually happened in real life this past Friday. And as far as Jay McCarroll, Season One winner of "Project Runway was concerned,"Santino's collection was "more than surprising, I thought he was going to have girls on fire and umbrellas and everything. I mean, I saw pins, there was mush in the back. I don't know if it was a statement like 'I don't need this, I'm a star,' but truthfully it was disappointing. I mean you have seven months, this is the biggest shot of you life and the sh-t gets shown on television, like, why are you using peach?".

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FashionJesse Walker