SLC Existence: 01 - Beehive Tea Room


In a new series of posts called SLC Existence I'm going to share some of my favorite known and unknown places in Salt Lake City. Lately I've been taking a ton of photographs of spaces and places in my everyday life and in the process, become increasingly aware of how much things change over time. Capturing these things in a photo essay of sorts, the Existence project will be my small way of promoting local business, architecture and art that I love (or possibly loathe?), and it might also double as something akin to The NCM Guide to Successful Living in Utah.

With no particular order in mind, I'll start with a super groovy place that many of you have probably seen from the street but probably haven't been inside to experience in full. The Beehive Tea Room on Broadway, between Main St. and West Temple is one of the most gloriously decadent environments in all of downtown Salt Lake. The thoughtfully twisted interior design of the Beehive will make you feel as if you've fallen down the most fabulous rabbit hole and have arrived just in time for afternoon tea, which they serve daily at noon and can also be specially reserved for up to 24 people.

Along with every drink imaginable (sans alcohol), they also serve soup, sandwiches, salads, sweet treats, daily specials and have special menu items for children.

You'll be delightfully surprised as you explore some of the different rooms available to relax and chat in or reserve for your very special events. THE WILLOW ROOM is a small sitting room furnished with eclectic antique furniture and scenic murals. THE DINING ROOM can accommodate groups of 15 to 24 and THE STUDY is ideal for small parties or business meetings of up to 8 people.

Add a quiet atmosphere, delightful service and free wireless internet from X-mission and you have the perfect place to spend a relaxing, glamorous moment downtown. More pix and info at