Eff Yeah!




As you can see, the NCM Street Team was in top form at the Yeah Yeah Yeah's show on Saturday night. They were so effin' cool I could hardly stand it. The concert was on the lawn at the University of Utah and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It felt like the kick off party for Summer.

We decided that Karen O is something of a rockstar cocktail, a jazzercise druid at times, during the show she lorded over the crowd with her wicked white microphone, our obedience rewarded with two brilliant costumes. The first, a bedazzled silver lamé unitard with sassy side-sash and second, an acid washed skeleton jumpsuit with freakishly long fringe. HOT.

The best part was when she placed the microphone in her teeth, tilted her head back and let out the raddest Pantera-esque scream... NO HANDS!