The Magic Hour Of Mall Rats


In support of immigration reform, some 20 to 30,000 people gathered for the largest peaceful political rally's ever to be held in Utah's history this weekend. Sunday's event was supurbly organized and made me proud to finally see these people who have little or no rights and who work for pennies on the dollar, showing us complacent legal residents democracy in action.

I did a few drive-by's in the afternoon, nearly breaking my horn in support of the roaring crowds on State Street and wanted to participate further but after too much to debauchery on Saturday, me and my pal Carly decided a trip to a mall out in the suburbs would be more our speed. I was looking for some sandals, which I never found... but we did stumble on some visual treasures. My trusty spy camera was at the ready.

Of course we had to get us some Hot Dogs On A Stick, which thankfully come in vegetarian form now. While we were ogling the HDOAS girl's sweet ass uniform and cap, I noticed a plaque on the wall featuring this fantastic cut-out photo of the founder.


Completely brain dead as we were, a visit to the upper floors of Dillards where old biddies go to find treasures like these, seemed totally within reason. (Model: Carly P.)


We began our journey home when I did a double-take at this sign for a business called Fetal Fotos. This "culture of life" thing is getting out of hand don't you think?


We watched an hour of Classic Soul on VH1 Classic, (SO good) but a change of scene was needed or we were going to fall asleep in a puddle of our own drool. We headed out for a walk around my industrial neighborhood. Being one of the warmest days we've had yet this Spring, we were lucky enough to catch the "magic hour" of natural lighting superiority that exists just as the sun goes down. Even little rocks on the ground were casting one inch shadows. I used the opportunity to snap some more things that caught my eye.







(Yes, that is the moon...)

PhotographyJesse Walker