What's So SLIC?


We at NCM applaud any upstart media entity who's goal is to push haute fashion and hip culture in Utah. Unfortunately I'm not sure what exactly to make of SLIC magazine which is slated for a June unveiling. Quite a few things are misspelled on their website which doesn't give much hope in the way of skillful writing. The typography is all over the board and the fashion, what little we have to go on from this cover and from the images at SLICmagazine.com feels a little too much like looking in the mirror of Utah's twisted style and hair sense.

From the outside looking in, this opposite reaction to beauty seems to be caused by the specific conservative and religious paradox we live with here in Utah. The wasted youths of this state think that becoming "edgy" is achieved by trying their hand being a model (read playboy centerfold), complete with hair that would rival a scarecrow's bird thwarting effectiveness. It's so overt, so desperate for attention, that it defeats the possibility of true beauty and misses being avant-garde completely.

I hate to bring up the late i-15 magazine but the parallels seem unavoidable. There must be a way to add just the right amount of Zionic breeze to a local publication of this kind without diluting the elements of fantasy and escapism that people like me turn to style/culture rags for in the first place. We have yet to see the first issue and I know it takes time to find a niche as a new publication so I realize there's plenty of room for error with pre-mature criticizims. All we can do is support another good hearted attempt and hope for the best.