My Summer Scent?


It appears I've exausted a now rare bottle of L'Occitane Cedrat Pomelo Grapefruit Citron cologne that I've been loving in the Summer months for years. It was fairly inexpensive but it smelled oh, so freah and had a decidely dapper dry-down. With the season in full effect, I think I'm going to be trying this new Richard James scent, that is as soon as I can find the damn stuff, (avail in the UK only right now). It claims to "possess all the herby elegance of a traditional English spritz, Sicilian zing from an abundance of citrus notes, and a contemporary kick, courtesy of pink pepper." Sounds like it's a lovely combination of my classic notes with an interesting twist. I'm sure everyone is dying to know what I think... I'll keep you posted.

[Via Wallpaper]

FashionJesse Walker