The Inconvenient Truth

159486567101_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_v54363733_It seems increasingly important for political movements to saturate the entertainment sector of the media to get their message through to the common pleb. Thankfully Al Gore has been more effective as a crusader for the environment than he might have been able to be as president. If you haven't heard him speak in recent years on the subject you might not believe you were seeing the same franken-person we came to know during the Clinton years or the run up to the 2000 elections.

So here comes the new documentary/website/movement called An Inconvenient Truth. Hopefully people everywhere, especially here in the U.S. (the number one polluter in the world) will see the movie, pull their heads out of their asses and begin to take some action. Even if your certain the Rapture is right around the corner, I ask, would it really be that hard to take a slightly pessimistic view of our effect on the planet and give up a few niceties to make sure we survive the next 100 years?

It's for the children.