This Is The Place... To Shop (Update)


"This Is The Place" (Salt Lake) seems to be experienceing the most rapid growth I've personally witnessed in over 10 years. Along with The Beigeway's neverending expansions and satanic box store after box store springing up along 3rd West, we're also seeing more boutique retailers and restauranteurs flourish.


The neu crowd is a far cry from the early days of Blue Boutique selling Jugular wares next to Modified on 9th & 9th or JMR's delusionary Diesel selection ...when they still sold to boys. Bastille, of course has been the leader of this new crop of higher, mostly denim based street fashion and lest we forget the ethereal Black Chandelier. That said, opening just this week I discovered the rather minimal & raw looking Lucky Pirate Denim (above this paragraph) on 1100 E. in SugarHouse and Pilar on 200 S. near the Gayway (top pics) showing further promise. The prices of course are jacked sky high to keep the dream alive, but if one subtracts the airfare it would cost you to go shopping in another city it all works out just fine.

The best part is that some of the carbies (carbon based lifeforms) that exist in this region are even picking up on the action and are beginning to look less and less like a herd of GAP stooges.