Ok, so no interview this morning with KCPW. We went to the makeshift studio at the festival grounds and waited through 3 other segments thinking we must be next. Then suddenly, the interviewer lady just got up and went back into the offices. No one said anything to us. We were like... OK...

We didn't really care since we were all a little downzy from celebrating last night after the REFLECTIVE debut. It's truly priceless to see the reaction of people as the piece starts up. Most people are oblivious and start looking around like, WTF? The timing of the later performance was a little off because some bands went over. There is a small amount of fog the lighting designer suprised us with last night, and we got some reports that people were running towards it to see if there was a performer or singer at it's origin. HA! Tricked again! Now that's art.

All said, it's pretty exciting to hear something like this on a huge sound system. We'll be tweaking things every day to perfect the experience as much as possible. I'm told ours is the last event of the festival on Sunday and they are going to program fireworks to it. How funny is that?

ArtJesse Walker