Art Crimes Against Humanity 003


There were no public hearings! Who approved these monstrosities? Just because it's in public view, erected with public funds doesn't mean that public art has to be 'accessible' or 'cute', the latter being too kind a word to use as this flying cow is a visual abomination beyond anything we've yet been subjected to. Cows, have been DONE by other cities and are now officially OVER. These are just another cringeworthy sign of our devolution as a species.

Next to these we have seagulls with anvil bodies. Now, please raise your hands if you think we need another homage to effing seagulls?! What is the meaning of these poorly crafted, Western Valley originating, hobby enthusiast art infractions? TRAX is nowhere nearby this up and coming area. Smack in the middle of the street between the progressive Jeane Wagner Theater and upscale restaurants like Metropolitain and the soon to open Zola (above Squatters).