Prideful Nation

Just for the record, Nick James and myself are not an "item" as some might be led to believe by our frequent deejay dating. That didn't stop him from convincing me to join him on possibly the gayest float in the Utah Gay Pride parade yesterday as CityWeekly nominees for W. Lounge/Best DJ-versity. (so clever!!!) Of course it was one of your standard rainbow nation floats put together with love by a local knickers shop called Cockers. We were the little float that could, complete with cowboy theme red truck, bales of hay and half-naked dancing straight guys and gals. Quite an eye opening experience I'm sure for passers by at ten in the monya on a Sunday.


Nick and I did our best to deejay on a makeshift rig using my CDJ players but it soon prooved more difficult than we thought with all the shifting up and down the hills as we inched our way towards Library Square. It became more and more ridiculous to the point that I put away my black parasol and joined the fun, at one point it seemed like we were truly rocking it to the tune of Blaze's "Precious Love" for several thousand people which was pretty fantastic. It was a long way from my first memory as a child seeing the evil gay parade out the car window with my family on a visit to SLC from Idaho Falls as a young closeted Mormon boy. I had to laugh to myself... Maybe freedom is free!

The NCM vote for best dressed goes to the SLUG Magazine kids who were done up as a rag tag group of polygamists, some carrying the largest BIG GULP cups ever put into production.