Adam Bateman Explores Utah's Identity


Adam Bateman is a Utah based artist who is interested in "art as language". He believes that "objects, especially art objects, are signifiers like words and all together are a sign system that should be read, like one would read a text, to be understood. Reading the art-text and applying rhetorical or linguistic theories can inform the historical reading of the contemporary art world in surprising ways."

I'm not totally sure what all that means, but I do like his work and appreciate his earnest sincerity towards it. Adam's most recent project is a Utah Identity blog where, since January 1, 2006, he has made daily posts of snapshots of icons that represent Utah or Mormon Identity in an attempt to create an interactive art project exposing Utah Culture to the masses. Many of the photos he's posted thus far are quite clever, some even border on repulsive accuracy. Visit it yourself and leave comments for the project at