Junk Mail & Mozart Visualized


The images from Alex Dragulescu's Spam Architecture series are generated by a computer program that accepts as input, junk email. Various patterns, keywords and rhythms found in the text are translated into three-dimensional modeling gestures.


Extrusions in C Major, another one of Dragulescu's projects is an experiment in music visualization. The composition used for these images is the Trio C-Major for Piano, Violin, and Cello by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The software analyzes a range of note characteristics such as value, velocity, duration, and overall tempo.

The notes of the various instruments are differentiated by color: white for piano, yellow for violin, and blue for cello. Further differences between the compositions is achieved through the rotation of forms while they grow and produce more curvy, segmented structures.

[Via: BldgBlog]

Art, Music, TechnologyJesse Walker