Two Weeks & Two Days


Two weeks and two days is the amount of time these two new businesses have been open on 3rd South (Broadway), in the same two block radius. Coincidence? Perhaps.

SLOWTRAIN is an austere little record store that focuses on independent rock and local bands. The only thing wrong with owners Chris and Anna Brozek is they don't wear enough black and have no apparent chip on their shoulder. Together, they fled Phoenix, AZ to bring us their immaculately filed collection of good to excellent music. From the newest indie rawk to shoegazer favorites with a little hip-hop and jazz on the side, this is a welcome addition to the music scene in SLC. Give them your money.

221 E. broadway
SLC, UT 84111


A hop up the street from Slowtwain, a cute little coffee shop has also suddenly appeared called PANINI'S COFFEE BAR. It's in the smallest space I've ever seen but somehow the owners, Pedro and 'Kat' Calderón have managed to make it warm and inviting. There's also a large patio area not shown. They have a small menu of grilled sandwiches and two salads but everything is very quite good and Pedro and 'Kat' are beyond attentive to your every need. Give them your money.

509 E. 300 S.
SLC, UT 84111