New JWD Flyer Is Born



The new flyer is born. Let it go forth and prosper. Thanks to Dave Tada for a fantastic photo shoot featuring us with Carly our host with the most and our new dance troupe The Dance-o-Lettes. Watch out ya'll!

Press Release:

NewCityMovement Presents
Just Wanna Dance with
Nick James and Jesse Walker
Hosted by Carly Pino
Percussion by Fred Simpson
Megavideos by Chris Howard
and Half-Time Performance by
The Dance-O-Lettes!

Returning to W Lounge Fall 2006

• September 30th / Panda-monium!
• October 28th / Night Stalker, Street Walker
• November 25th / Rubicon Kaleidoscope, The Final Countdown

(The Last Saturday of the Month)

Two of Salt Lake City's most favorite deejays joined forces once again to bring you their crazy fun underground house party, JUST WANT TO DANCE!

What started as an intimate weekly for friends and die-hards, who "just want to dance," has grown into one of the most talked about parties in Salt Lake City. By drawing on the visionary blueprints of legendary clubs as the Paradise Garage, Shelter, Does Your Mamma Know? The Endup; Just Wanna Dance (or JWD) gets "back to basics" by bringing people together who are bound by a love for dance, rhythm and friendship.

As the Spring Sessions ended with an extra round in June '06, the request for more dancing and soul-cleansing has reached a fever pitch bordering on mass hysteria. So, more in demand than ever, JUST WANNA DANCE returns this autumn for three more Sessions of mesmerizing disco devilry.

Prepare for the always-unexpected twist on themes like "Panda-monium" (pandas vs. mod squad); "Night Stalker, Street Walker" (a hallow-electro 'red light' district) and "Rubicon Kaleidoscope," The Final Countdown" (to swim in the 'River of Colour' at the ever last JWD)! This outrageous team of deejays and performers have more surprises than an artificially sweetened cereal box--from kooky interior dancescaping, to the latest in instructional Megavideos (for promo only), to professionally choreographed show-stoppers (featuring the Dance-O-Lettes) complete with vitamin fortified high-fashion horseplay.

Everyone is invited to come dancing to some of the freshest, soul-funkiest house music with this culturally diverse audience. This ageless affair invites individuals from 21 to 100 to participate by contributing the elemental energy that ultimately helps create something much bigger than all of us. Standing for peace, love and better parties everywhere, the community that is JWD is an extraordinary collective of dancers, soul mates and music lovers. Together we... JUST WANNA DANCE!

Just Wanna Dance @ W. Lounge 358 S. West Temple 801.359.0637 9pm-2am 21+
A primate club for members. We are not responsible for lost items!
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