Nine Eleven vs. Fashion Week

11_2With all due respect for the anniversary of 9/11, it's interesting to watch NY fashion week try and compete with all the grandstanding Bush is doing at ground zero... Yet, the shows MUST go on, or the terrorists have won, right?

Fashion Week is usually just a warm up for better things things to come from London and Milan so I can't say that anyone groundbreaking has shown thus far. It's still a great daily diversion however and if your a fashion lover like myself, I suggest watching it unravel via the New York Metro website (which offers video) and/or which has sneering little reviews and more detailed photos.

It should also prove interesting this year to see how Bravo television keeps the Project Runway final three winners under wraps as there have been leaks in the past before the final episodes premier on Bravo.

(Diane von Furstenberg, Spring 2007 photo, New York Metro)