Last Night We Got Tired Of Being Sexy

908616496_lI was thrilled to catch one of my favorite new bands of late Cansei de Ser Sexy (Tired Of Being Sexy), also known as CSS here last night in SLC opening for the razor sharp Ladytron.

The description at Wikipedia sums them up well: CSS are a Brazilian based band from the city of São Paulo. The group mixes influences of pop music, rock & roll, electronica and other kinds of art, like design, cinema and fashion, putting the blend in humorous lyrics in English and Portuguese. The band is notorious for their emphasis on style, fashion and coolness, rather than musical ambitions. Their broken English compositions are sung with a strong and charming Brazilian accent, which just adds a special appeal to the band.


All I can say is CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! ...SUPERCUTE!!! I don't care if everyone but the drummer are outsider musicians, they can rock my boat anytime. Full of wild energy, they let it all hang loose with the hungry, early bird crowd at The Depot, finishing off their set with a daring crowd surf by lead singer Lovefoxxx. So gracious to adoring fans, they greeted people at their sales table after performing where I was able to meet them in person. Lovefoxxx and bass player Ira were quite taken with the idea of Just Wanna Dance and took the time to not only inscribe one of our JWD flyers with "I love CSS so much!, Muah! I Wanna Dance Too!", but also draw something exxxtra special on a copy of their latest album for me! Using the letters in CSS to spell out Je-SS-e, it reads, "Muah! Lovefoxxx. THIS IS THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT!"

Keep it real CSS, we XXX U 2 here at NCM/JWD! Visit the official CSS website here.