Mysteries Revealed

Love_mysteriousSince I mentioned one of my favorite radio stations KCRW in the last post, it makes sense to point out that my old friend Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade has an interview/DJ set with Raul Campos on Nocturna.

He's made a jump from long time San Francisco record label OM, where he started out as and A&R guy, to NY's Ultra for this latest outing called "Love Mysterious". Present still are the signature catchy hooks and melodic vocals but he's added more gloss to the overall production and pumped it up a bit for the "big room", as he put's it. All eleven tracks feature guest vocalists.

Ryan helped me get my first residency at the legendary Manhattan Club (Incedentally titled NewCity) and was kind enough to mix down my first promo CD years ago, so it's fun to hear his voice on the radio and learn about his worldwide touring and the new album. He's a smart and talented guy who deserves all his hard earned success.

You can listen to the interview with 'Kaskade' here and if you live in Utah you can catch him live with BT and DJ Ebenflow at The Depot on November 18th.