Salt Lake City Weekly Features Just Wanna Dance


Just Wanna Dance is featured in the current issue of S.L. Weekly. We want to thank Jamie Gadette for interviewing us and the great write-up, as well as Dave Tada for the uncredited photo.

Regarding the article, a quick apology to anyone who might be offended by my poor characterization of I Love Ibiza as a bunch of "slutty girls, hooking up". We clearly have positive opinions about this rival party and could have found a better way to differentiate their more primal, sexual angle from JWD's campy crowd of misfits. Andy Callaway of I Love Ibiza and I are in agreement that we're both just trying to promote solid House music in different ways. His upcoming Halloween party with guest Pablo Ceballos this Friday at The Hotel should be rockin' and I highly recommend it. Details are at Details are at