The Gayification Of 9th & 9th


The gods of urban planning are finally giving Salt Lake's little epicenter of coffee and culture called 9th & 9th it's desperately needed facelift. And what a whimsical transformation it shall be... magic is afoot my fellow faeries!

Apparently, along with a surplus of mauve-y, sugar plum, purple people eating lamp posts, primary green benches, smaller than average blue bike racks and some actually cool iron signage, we are to expect nine commissioned statues of Zeus's Greek Muses, also known as The Daughters of Zeus! The seductive statues are said to be on order and won't be finished for the better part of a year, I was told by one of the on-site planners.


It's a sassy idea in theory, you know... goddesses of the arts and the sciences; guarding over the place and all, spurning creativity and dashing creationist theories as people simply drive unknowingly through the gates of Oz. The biggest worry could be that if they look anything like the craptactular commissioned sculpture we have going around downtown, or if one of the statues has a nipple showing (the children!), we might have a serious problem on our hands. Until the day of this big reveal, we can bask in the glory of these positively gay improvements.