Welcome To Trentemøller's Last Resort

Trentelastresort"The Last Resort" - Anders Trentemøller's much anticipated debut-album is finally here and it's a decidedly downtempo recording. Anders says “I have always made all kinds of music. In the studio, I never think about which genre it is or what target group it is for, I just make the music I feel like. What came out of the recording sessions for ‘The Last Resort’ was a very personal album. It reflects my life, my thoughts, my needs, my insecurities, my longings, and it was a challenge, he to express these feelings and moods without words, only with music.”

Progressive-Sounds.com reports: It’s for this reason why he decided not to put the two vocal tracks he recorded during the ‘Last Resort’ sessions on the final album. ‘Always Something Better’ (featuring Richard Davis and the first single to be taken from the album) and ‘Moan’ (with Copenhagen-singer Ane Trolle) are featured on a second bonus disc of the limited edition version of of the album. The second CD nicely complements the first one, not only because of the two vocal songs, but also because it contains all the great tracks Trentemøller produced last year for Audiomatique and Poker Flat.

“When I listened to the final sequence of tracks, it felt as if I was listening to the soundtrack of a movie that unfolded before my eyes. For me it was important that the music would tell the story.“

What the press is saying:

Trentemoller is not only a dance floor genius, but a musical mastermind in the broader sense. Killer release! (DJ Times)

His debut long player is excellent, fusing live instrumentation, detailed production and is the best electronica album so far of 2006 (better than Nathan Fake’s effort). (Touch, UK)

If you‘re prepared to journey with the Danish producer as he achieves his desire to transcend techno‘s confines and inhabit some kind of freeform world, you‘ll love this debut. (DJ Mag)

The album is simply beautiful, and will likely surprise many of his fans, not only because of the dominance of sweet melodies, but the loads of acoustic instruments like guitars, live drums, glockenspiel, melodica, etc. The album doesn‘t completely leave out the dance-floor - there are a few hypnotizing jams on the record - but it makes for a great at-home listen, something many electronic producer-albums cannot pull off. (Music For Robots, USA)

"The Last Resort" is such a great atmospheric, almost unreal album. It‘s the perfect dream with its mixture of Dub-Tech, Shoegazing-Ambient and clicking soundscape. (Groove)

I think the new Trentemoller album is outstanding. Such an expressive and emotive album with great flow and subtle contrast that keeps you involved and entranced. (Radio Magnetic, Scotland)

"The Last Resort" makes the listener work, but think of this as a more accessible Aphex Twin, or a funkier Boards Of Canada. (4/4 Mixmag, 10.2006)

Genious and visionary! (Intro)

Trentemøller might be hyped out but this album is just great. (Spex)

More at Poker Flat Recordings.

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