A River Of Color

348783346fp64ot233232366553_1348783346fp66ot23323236655388 348783346fp67ot2323756533232756449Here's a few pictures from our final JUST WANNA DANCE at the W. Lounge last night. Holy shit! There were more people than there was room on the dance floor but that didn't stop everyone from getting sweaty with complete strangers. Hell, my mom even made an appearance! I want to congratulate and thank everyone who made this party so much fun. Sure, Me and Nick aren't the best DJ's in the world but we live to share the music we love and JWD has made that a reality. Having such a dynamic group of friends (which seems to have grown in the process) and talented artists all coming together to support with so much positivity has been the true reward. THANK YOU!

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