Goldmine Shithouse


The James Anthony Gallery, established in New York, June of 2006, is the brainchild of James A. Woody and New York artists David Hochbaum. The Gallery was created to expose upcoming and notorious artists of larger East Coast West Coast and Midwest art scenes to the ever-growing art culture of the Salt Lake Valley. Artist include Travis Lindquist, David Hochbaum, Colin Burns, David Stoupakis, Chris Anthony, Emily Allen, Shepard Fairey, Angie Mason, Anthony Goilcolea, Ryan McGinley with more to come.

The opening show for the James Anthony Gallery will exhibit the work of the New York and Los Angeles based collaborative, The Goldmine Shithouse. An opening reception for the artists and gallery will be held the evening of November 17th from 6-9 PM in the gallery's exhibt hall located at 241 East Broadway (300 South) in downtown Salt Lake.

There will be a secret Goldmine Shithouse Screenprinting Party on Wednesday Nov. 15th at 9PM where anyone who knows about it can bring their own items (t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, pants) and the Shithouse will print one of many designs of your choice onto the item for only $5 with complimentery beverages as long as they last.

James Anthony Gallery, 241 E Broadway (300 South) SLC, UT InfoL:801-647-8736