Viktor & Rolf, Because We're Worth It!


Viktor & Rolf: Because We Are Worth It! is a documentary about the Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. It only took them ten years to go from highly artistic, conceptual designers but considered a little too avantgarde for the mainstream to the darlings of the fashion-limelight contracted by cosmetics-titan L'Oreal to develop their own perfume. The documentary will portray a year in the career of Viktor & Rolf, starting with the exhibition in the Louvre Museum in 2004 and ending with the launch of their perfume and matching catwalk-collection autumn 2005. The storyline of the documentary is set in real-time. By documenting up close the realization of Viktor & Rolf's collection and perfume in the year to come, the audience will be introduced to all aspects of the fashion trade; from the actualization of a new collection to the development of Viktor & Rolf as a world wide operating brand.