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230583Jesse Rose is one of those bubbling under names whose move to Get Physical just might break him internationally. But if you look closely at the record bins, you'll find his name everywhere: recently he's released on Dubsided, Will Saul's Simple label (as Content) and Mobilee as well as Derrick Carter's Classic label (as Induceve). Rose also runs three – count 'em – record labels, Front Room, Loungin' and his latest addition Made To Play, releasing the likes of Solid Groove, Trevor Loveys and Stefan Goldmann. 'Jesse can do no wrong in my eyes,' says Output head Trevor Jackson. 'He's always diverse and never scared to do his own thing.'

Given Rose's background in house music, perhaps the hook up with Get Physical isn't such a surprise. He was first asked by the label to remix 'Vejer' by Riton vs Heidi, and he now lives in Berlin, Get Physical's base, where he has a monthly residency at the Panorama Bar. Why the move to Germany? 'I needed a change from London. I had been living there for ten years and it's a hardcore place at the best of times,' says Rose. 'There's only so many clubs and after parties you can do. Because I had played in Berlin quite a lot over the past six or seven years, I had already made good friends here.'

Although Rose had already hooked up with Get Physical, he was still surprised when they asked him to mix the third 'Body Language' CD. 'Get Physical is always looking for fresh ideas, but I was honoured that they asked me. They let me do what I wanted, so the mix isn't their typical sound,' Rose says.

Rose joins the ranks of stablemates M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. with his 'Body Language' mix, on which he includes a number of his own Dubsided, Classic and Made to Play productions, as well as more than a few chopped up hip-hop samples. 'Using hip-hop is part of a general attitude,' Rose explains. 'If you listen to house music when you're making house music, that's when things go wrong. I did the mix using two turntables and a CD deck. It took me three weeks to do properly. Don't ask me why I didn't just do it on a computer - maybe I feel DJing should be involved, a performance, rather than just looking like someone checking their emails on a laptop.'

Aside from his own tracks, 'Body Language 3' includes some bigger like-minded tunes such as Radio Slave's remix of 'Deer in the Headlights', Bobby Peru's 'Erotic Discourse' and Aril Brikha's perennial stomper 'Groove La Chord' from 2002. 'I decided to end the mix with 'Groove La Chord' because I started off playing Detroit and Chicago music, so what better way to end my first mix?' says Rose. [Resident Advisor]

You can legally download the entire mix at DanceTracksDigital.
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