PRISM Lights Up This Friday

Dear Friends far and wide,

This Friday starts the beginning of our newest and most ambitious weekly house party yet, PRISM, The Peoples Discotheque. Before I tell you a little about it, I want to say Thank  You to everyone who's helped propel us towards the incredible momentum we have going right now. Without you it would not be possible, and only with you can we make this next Salt Lake nightlife adventure a true success.

I'll start by telling you about the process so far. When the Depot approached me about developing a dance club night, I was naturally very interested. The venue is not only housed in the fantastic Union Pacific train station, in one of the fastest growing areas of the city, it's Meyer Sound system, with 5 MICA cabinets above and four 700-HP bass units beneath the stage is one of the best in the country. The sheer clarity and organ bursting bass is the stuff of clubs like Cielo and the Avalon in New York.

My only reservation was that working on the project might be an uphill battle, as far as getting the support needed to achieve a very particular vision. I'm extremely pleased to say that everyone behind the scenes at the Depot has gone above and beyond since the word "GO" and are committed to the ideals we are setting forth with PRISM. All of us together have worked tirelessly to bring the space to a new level and makes it feel like a great dance club. Key design elements were implemented by the team with precision, including a fly-away DJ booth that sits on the floor - packed with all the fancy gear we could get our hands on, a giant 45 degree tilt rear projection screen (for Chris Howard's amazing PRISM VISION installments), louvered red fabric sails above the main dance-floor and fabric curtains between the columns on the main dance-floor to visually cut off the balcony and outer perimeter. The combined effect, as many of you experienced on New Years Eve is that of a clean and focused, intimate space.

So, here is our Mission:

A. To Bring Dynamic People Together

Young or old, rich or poor, this way or that. House music is about bringing people together and loosing your inhibitions. It's a family we create where there wasn't one before. All the legendary parties have had a grand gallery of characters who were unafraid to be themselves, have fun with fashion and knew how to have a good time at the drop of a hat. That's why PRISM is also referred to as 'The Peoples Discotheque'. We want you, 'The People' to be the stars in helping us combine the creative energy associated with the early days of RAVE and Acid House with the Soulful Urban House, Techno & NuDisco sounds of tomorrow. This is your party! So, if you're willing, we need you to tell random people in line at the grocery store, bring all your best friends every week, and be devoted to it like it's the last one on Earth. ...which might be the case, no?

B. Raise Conscience Awareness Through Music & Dance

Behind the unrelenting beats and thumping bass lines of quality House music lies an aural framework as old as our African ancestry, the result of which can be much more emotional and spiritual than most of us realize. We want PRISM to be a place where that kind of dance music - played by talented DJ's - being danced to by beautiful people - shines brighter than ever before in Salt Lake. With the solid backing of a full year at The Depot, we will achieve this by bringing a steady flow of incredible talent, curated by Nick and myself not for how big the ego or DJ name, but for how much love and energy they bring to the party. With so much dance music history, Salt Lake is beyond proving we have a thirsty ear for 'the good stuff'.

C. To Serve You

The Depot does not have common bouncers or ticket takers, no no! When you are at PRISM you will be taken care of to the best of our ability by 'Guest Services'. This means we want to take care of you in more ways than one, so you have the best experience possible. The bar is a key factor here... You'll be welcomed with open arms by our consistently friendly staff and competent bartenders who'll serve you with sass! Another goal is keeping the costs down. We currently have beyond competitive prices at the bar for such an awesome venue but to cover some costs, we may need to raise the door cover a few bucks, only on national DJ nights to bring you some of the great DJ's we've promised, but it will never be more than $7.

We dream of a brighter future. We are committed to making this the best Friday night in Salt Lake City for the next year. We have faith you will support us. Welcome to PRISM.

Thank You,

Jesse Walker

The deadline for voting in the S.L. Weekly SLAMMY's is February 5th. So write us in today if you feel so inclined here.