Rinse, Set, Compete

Picture_60Bravo's newest competitive reality show, “Shear Genius”, premieres on April 11, 2007.

To win this competition, a group of talented hairstylists from around the world will literally go head-to-head in creative challenges that require more than just talent with a comb and scissors. Whether it's the bob, bouffant, perm, or chignon, hair becomes an art form as the contestants with a flair for hair compete in challenges that could put them one step closer to being crowned a “Shear Genius.”

From the guy next door to the A-list celebrity, everyone is a potential client and provides a true test of skill. The crop of budding stylists will come from all walks of life and hail from all over the nation. Some will get “cut” early and others will “blow away” the competition. Picture_61_2


“The Wizard” as Tyson calls himself is determined to show America that hair isn't just a look...it's a science. His hair styling is progressive, and he loves traveling to new places, constantly aiming to discover new ways to elevate hair design. He sees it as just that – hair design – not just hair styling.

When “Shear Genius” open calls came to his attention, Tyson had recently sold his salon in Salt Lake City after seven and a half years. He traveled to Los Angeles, and the next day, he had two emails forwarded to him about the casting call. It took him a week to decide why he'd ultimately go for it— he felt that he could “show an elevated perspective on hair design that could inspire both the public and fellow hair designers.”

Tyson says he loves to help bring out the beauty that is already in someone. He says he's a kid at heart and a passionate designer.