PRISM presents Mark Grant

659688740_lPRISM Presents Mark Grant at the Depot on Friday, April 27th.

What makes a legend: longevity, fame, respect or a combination of the three?
Label owner, songwriter, producer and DJ, Mark Grant has been making legendary moves for 23 years now. He is a world traveled DJ with a non-stop tour schedule secured by a fan base that stretches from his hometown Chicago, to as far as Istanbul. He has produced a number of songs and remixes that have garnered him the respect of his peers and music media. Put it all together and you have an internationally known, well-respected talent who has shown incredible resilience in an industry of one-hit wonders.

It’s true, Mark Grant has the stuff of legend, but with no signs of stopping, don’t call him one, just yet.

Please join us for another great night of music and dance at PRISM.

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