Tresor Classic Mix

Tresor_700mp3_frontPart of the Headquarters DJ team for many memorable years now, the searing sets by DJ Kriek have become some of the most talked-about underground techno gigs in Germany and in Europe. His nights in the Tresor dungeon are remembered as unforgettable and more and more techno purists are flocking to his gigs in the EU.

We've managed to tackle him down and create an exclusive mix for our MP3 shop, for a burning, underground experience in Tresor sound. The right amount of abstraction, the right amount of surprise, steering electronic rhythms on a techno razor’s edge – Kriek gets the Tresor vein pulsating right off the bat in this first instalment of Tresor classics mixed by Tresor artists and resident DJ’s. Available exclusively in our online MP3 shop, this mix is a blend of some of the most legendary tracks on our label: a finely-tuned serving of the Tresor sound as we know it. DJ Kriek has been an integral part of the Tresor Headquarters team since the mid-90’s: his Tresor Club basement sets are remembered seminally by his taste for no compromises in underground techno territory, critical balance in abstraction, connecting his own personal dots that spell… wicked. The mix’s spectrum radiates out from the UK nu-school techno clan but also gives sufficient nods to Detroit, New York and Japan. The international artists represented in his mix exist in Kriek’s personal tapestry of underground techno à la Tresor: a mixing master which has made him one of Berlin’s most exciting techno DJ’s and finest of the Tresor residents. Suffice it to say –feels feverish, feels right, sounds electrifying, very cool…

DJ Kriek (Tresor Headquarters) mixes Tresor classics: Tresor Mix Vol. 1 - exclusively available at the Tresor MP3 shop.

MusicJesse Walker