Utah Based Producers Remixing Worldwide

People in Utah's club scene are familiar with the meteoric rise to fame of former SLC house dj/producer RyanSorry_advert Raddon better known now as Kaskade, as well as the sporadic success had by other local DJ's including deep trance creators Dan Morris & Shylock who released on Fade Records and subsequently Bedrock in 2002. But did you know there are more music producers on the electronic Wasatch front who are making names for themselves today?

Through their connection to Kaskade's studio in Provo, Josh Max and Saint Even of Vuetone were picked to remix his latest single "Sorry" on Ultra Records and our own DJ Flatcracker hasCs124999302a just provided an electro tinged mix of "Up To You" for U.K. deep house group The Rurals which was released digitally on major download sites just this week.

Outside of the House music scene, we have more experimental electronics being self published by my favorite duo Pelpp and A. Vanvranken and beat/sample products by Clayton Carr who are part of the long running Audioflo crew who I've played with off and on over the years.

There's probably more determined producers working out here that I don't know about and if so, post a comment here to let NCM readers know about them. It just makes me happy knowing that people are out here are making electronic music that's getting attention.